"Hold your fire til we see a moment of weakness"

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The Firehouse is the headquarters of the Ghostbusters.



The Firehouse was the location that the Ghostbusters used as a home base for their ghost-busting enterprise in Ghostbusters and Ghostbusters II. It housed the men in the sleeping quarters formerly occupied by firemen and was the location of the Containment Unit. The Firehouse was also where the Ecto-1 was stored.

When the trio were touring the station with the Realtor, Egon Spengler considered it unacceptable with it being in poor condition structurally, having unacceptable wiring for their equipment needs and it was in a bad neighborhood. However, when Ray Stantz, whose money is financing the operation, proved childishly delighted with the property, especially with the fire poles, his partners decided they had no choice but to purchase it.

Ghostbusters IIEdit

The second floor and presumable the basement underwent several changes between 1984 and 1989. The second floor's lab and kitchen area have new layouts. Louis' desk is placed between Janine's and the garage bay on the first floor. There is a room used to process photographs and a R&D room but on which floor they are located is never specified.

Ghostbusters: The Video GameEdit

The Firehouse is the central hub in The Video Game. In the Terminal Reality Version, in several cutscenes, the Firehouse is shown. In the Redfly Studios version of the game, the building is much more simplified, consisting of the main floor (complete with Ecto-1), the basement (complete with non-interactive containment grid, Insulting Vigo, and Tobin's Spirit Guide), and the Upstairs Portion (Egon's lab for all intents and purposes).

In the upper Floors, the player can slide down the fire-pole, replay past missions, and view the interactive credit sequence. In the Garage, the player can continue the mission by visiting the Ecto-1. There is also a large sub-basement storage area which appears to have been an old abandoned subway platform, complete with a partially bricked up rail tunnel. The Firehouse itself is full of "easter eggs" and callbacks to the two films, including two pairs of old/spare car doors from Ecto-1, the outdoor sign with the "Ghostbusters II" logo, a P.K.E. Meter nearly identical to the design used in "The Real Ghostbusters" cartoon and several disc shaped traps that bare a resemblance to the ones from "The Extreme Ghostbusters" cartoon.

Secondary Canon HistoryEdit

Prime DimensionEdit

The Firehouse suffered occasional incursions from various entities, Fred, Koza'Rai, and a Zombie. Egon and Kylie battled the Terror Birds on the first floor for about 10 minutes then worked to safely extract them from Dana and Louis. They re-examined them again on the second floor. The other Ghostbusters soon returned and found Vigo was back in his painting. Because of his lapses on the field, Ray was taken to the laboratory on the second floor and subjected to the Aura Video-Analyzer. Peter and Dana had a one-on-one talk as Egon studied Ray's data. However, Ray became possessed and rose up into mid-air causing equipment to malfunction and overheat.

Egon, Peter, and Winston tried in vain to free Ray from possession by Gozer and Tiamat. After they were soundly defeated, Gozer went down to the basement to extract his captured essence from the Containment Unit. The unit's biometric security prevented him from gaining access. Peter, Egon, and Winston caught up and managed to wrangle him before he could attack the unit. However, Tiamat took over and dented the unit's hull. Powerless to stop Tiamat with their equipment, the Ghostbusters were at an impasse. Winston offered himself as a sacrifice and tore live wires from a panel. Ray and Egon manually vented the Containment Unit to prevent the catastrophic explosion. As a consequence, Ellen Gold was released. She immediately tried to manifest familiar surroundings but due to being a long distance away from the original Wander Hills Orphanage, Gold wasn't completely successful. [1] Peter, Egon, and Ray set out to recapture Gold and later the Crybaby Ghost. Once Gold was trapped, the basement returned to normal.

At some point, a proximity alarm was added to go off when something paranormal got close to the Firehouse perimeter. [2] Egon, Donatello, Ray, and April O'Neil started work on building another Interspatial Teleportation Unit while the others set off for a third battle with Chi-You. Once they returned with Casey Jones, he was given a quick examination. Egon and Donatello continued working on the teleporter. Ray, April, and Kylie worked on an EMP device to sever the connection between Chi-You and his thralls in one move. The others simply waited. Chi-You ordered his thralls to attack the exterior of the Firehouse. Even the signage was ripped down and damaged. They kicked down the Firehouse doors and drew most of the Ghostbusters and Turtles to the first floor. In the meantime, Chi-You teleported to the second floor and prevented Ray, April, and Kylie from activating their Electromagnetic Pulse Emitter. Casey triggered the pulse and changed the thralls back to normal. The Ghostbusters and Turtles converged on Chi-You upstairs while Egon and Donatello raced to stabilize the containment grid after their test of the Interspatial Teleportation Unit hit a snag. The battle raged on when Chi-You possessed Winston but was exorcised by Michelangelo, Leonardo, and Raphael's efforts. Peter ended the battle and trapped Chi-You. A short while later, everyone gathered in the basement for a sending off.

The Ghostbusters went down to the basement and monitored Ray's journey to the alternate team's home dimension. After learning the controlling entity was Proteus, they went back to the second floor and conducted research on him. Almost everyone. Ray analyzed the P.K.E. readings he took and found a weakness to exploit, potential susceptibility to quantum interruption. The Egons and Rays went down to the garage bay and worked on Proton Grenades and Proton Packs over the next hour. The Cerberus Manifestation crossed over and arrived on Varick and Moore. It crashed through the Firehouse onto the second floor. Kylie activated the Wall-Trap to distract it. All of the Ghostbusters reunited downstairs and suited up. They opened fire on the manifestation but it resisted. Kylie grabbed the Megatrap and managed to capture enough of it's P.K.E. to reduce its form to ash. However, Proteus had also arrived. He stood atop the Ecto-1 in the garage bay.

Proteus blasted away the bottom half of the stairwell leading up to the second floor, punched a massive hole through the second floor, decimating the recreation area, and caused more damage after he dropped down and stomped the garage bay. Repairs continued on the Firehouse. The one piece of good news was the integrity of the Containment Unit was maintained. However, the damage caused by Proteus still needed a massive amount of money and effort to repair. Egon even proposed a serious discussion about decentralizing operations to their other properties. A policeman named Brent Mitchell arrived at the front door looking for the Ghostbusters on account of the phones being disconnected. They took off for Staten Island to look into a weird break-in. Shortly after the Staten Island case, the last few repairs were almost done. The Paranormal Contracts Oversight Commission erred on the side of safety to comply with and keep the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) satisfied. [3] While most of the Ghostbusters were on Poveglia on assignment by Erland Vinter, Janine conducted interviews at the Firehouse for the open position on her support staff. She had Kylie let in the first applicants at 2 pm. Two hours later, Kylie brough some Pequod's to Janine and Jenny as they went over applications.

Peter, Ray, and Winston returned home from their assignments abroad in Europe and joined the staff on the third floor to review footage sent over to the Firehouse from Egon's apartment after a captured Gulper Ghost was freed. They were stunned to see Egon's apparent demise. While Kylie and Melanie checked out the apartment and Peter irritated Janine, the others conducted research on the Rauoskinna mentioned on the video. Egon's research was found in a logbook but they still needed an Egon to interpret it. Peter, Winston, and Janine went through the Interspatial Teleportation Unit to the parallel dimension occupied by the Ghostbusters they recently met. While Kylie, Jenny, and Melanie waited, a Granny Gross ghost crossed over from the portal. Melanie distracted it while Kylie and Jenny ran off to grab some equipment. Peter, Winston, Janine, and parallel Egon happened to return soon after and captured the ghost. After reading the logbook and listening to accounts of recent cases, the parallel Egon affirmed they were likely being manipulated into finding the Rauoskinna. Kaia May appeared and verified they were pawns of Erland Vinter and his master Loftur Þorsteinsson. She gave them a list of possible locations for a key and map to the Rauoskinna and issued them a deal, the Rauoskinna for Egon's restoration.

While the Ghostbusters left New York with Kylie, Melanie, parallel Egon to search for the key and Map to Nikulausson's Tomb, Janine and Jenny were left to respond to the cases. Kevin was left in charge of the Firehouse in the meantime. 36 hours after the key and map were found, Kylie finished drawing the map in the lab from memory after she had to destroy the original. The Ghostbusters returned from Iceland with the Rauoskinna in their possession. While it was studied, the parallel dimension Egon took the off time to study the city's P.K.E. readings and was fascinated with the similarities and differences between dimensions. A day and a half later, Winston needed a breather from the Rauoskinna research and went to the roof. He found parallel Egon looking at readings. Winston admitted the last couple of years were crazy. Egon inquired what he meant. Winston talked about how things had escalated from everyday busts to gods and alternate dimensions. Egon shared he was of the firm belief that challenges increased to match one's capabilities and to consider otherwise would be to accept stagnation and/or irrelevance. Winston remarked he was starting to sound like his old commanding officer. Egon shared something he wondered about since their first encounter - if they both faced the same Gozer or not and if Gozer's defeat created a splintered multiverse and ripple effects they were still feeling. He reassured Winston they led a more extraordinary life than most and that came with extraordinary ups and downs. Winston asked if he had any regrets about the job. He admitted he missed teaching.

Meanwhile, in the lab, Kylie, Ray, and Jenny continued looking over the Rauoskinna. Ray speculated the real book itself was the real key to the spells it contained like a magic wand. Kylie stopped Jenny from reading a spell aloud and warned her she could have triggered an apocalypse-level event or summon a powerful entity. Ray was keen on ferreting out relevant pages and hoped they would find something about finding Egon. At 5:48 pm, Ray was called up by Kevin downstairs and forwarded a call from Loftur. Loftur told him he wanted to meet with the Ghostbusters in Central Park near Umpire Park at midnight. After they were returned to New York by Aibell, the Ghostbusters ran a standard analysis on Egon and asked what he remembered about his death. It was interrupted by a case in the Bronx. As Ecto-1 departed, Egon smiled and remarked it was good to be back.

In the fall, Janine was in an exceptionally irritated state from being stuck doing inventory. She was paid a visit by her niece, Cait Banner and one of Cait's friends, Zoe Zawadzki. Cait tried to get Janine to bump the family of another of her friends, Evan Torres, up the wait list but failed. Janine cited the principle of triage and the Ghostbusters had to deal with the worst cases first. She left the room to answer a call. Cait and Zoe improvised and stole a P.K.E. Meter and Trap. Cait, Zoe, and Evan were later given a tour of the Firehouse. Peter recruited them to help out with a prank. He had them hid a walkie talkie Radio behind the Paranormal Containment Research Tank. Ray later took them to the second floor and introduced them to Slimer. They asked what it used to be. Egon and Kylie provided some theories then Ray found a passage from Funder's Cults of the Northeast he thought was tied to Slimer's origin. Ray, Egon, and Kylie were amazed when Slimer spoke and proclaimed he was once a king. Egon was irate when Slimer revealed it was given his stash of snack cakes by Ray as part of an experiment. They hurried off to document the revelation. Peter paid off the teenagers for helping out with the prank.

One week after an incident on Coney Island, Ray lectured Cait, Zoe, and Evan on primary spectral classification. After an hour and a half, Ray got to the difference between a Class 3 and a Class 4 but Kylie informed him he was needed for a meeting with Peck downstairs. While Peck spoke with the Ghostbusters about a massive fine imposed by the EPA for getting Coney drenched in Psychomagnotheric Slime, Kylie sneaked the 101 students into the basement and showed them the Interspatial Teleportation Unit. A ghost tried to access the open portal and cross over but Kylie shut off the unit in time. Kylie decided to reveal the secrets of the third floor refrigerator next and touted it as information that could save their lives someday. Janine and Kevin reviewed the Ghostbusters 101 commercial at the front desk. Janine couldn't believe Peter was going through with his idea and became agitated just thinking of the inundation of legalities and stupid phone calls she would have to endure. Janine and Kevin were interrupted by the arrival of Dr. Carla Parker and her son Garrett Parker. To her surprise, Peter arranged for Garrett to be added to Ray's trio of students. While Carla and Janine went over the paperwork, Kevin introduced Garrett to Cait, Evan, and Zoe who were being lectured by Jenny upstairs on detecting Class 4 Semi-Corporeal entities with P.K.E. Meters. Jenny agreed to a break so Cait, Zoe, and Evan could give Garrett a tour of the Firehouse but warned them to show him what not to touch and to stay away from anything that could explode. They headed to the basement and opened a portal with the Interspatial Teleportation Unit. A large yellow ghost reached from the other side and grabbed Garrett. Zoe was able to close the portal and severed two of the ghost's limbs in the process. Janine entered the basement and became very, very angry about what just transpired.

After news broke of twin Statues of Liberty one afternoon, Jillian Holtzmann headed to the Firehouse and found Abby Yates, Patty Tolan, and Erin Gilbert outside. Curious about the other Ghostbusters on TV, they went inside to get started with diagnostic equipment but immediately noticed the interior was nowhere like their Firehouse. Kevin Tanaka peeked out from the office and greeted them. Erin demanded to know what he did with Kevin. Kevin stated he was Kevin. Erin flipped out. Patty intervened. Egon addressed them from the top of the stairs with Beckman. He was excited about getting to name a ghost Kevin Junior. Holtzmann quickly raced up the stairs and asked Egon about his hair-do. The two teams gathered on the second floor. Egon took a reading of Abby and confirmed her dimensional frequency was in a pronounced state of flux. Ray explained they met travelers from other dimensions before and decided it would be better to show than tell. They headed down to the basement and demonstrated the teleportation unit. Ray invited Holtzmann to interact with the open portal. She placed her hand through and her hand reappeared above her arm. Egon explained it verified the frequency fluctuation indicated their respective dimensions were in a state of overlap. Abby was still skeptical and asked for further proof like a control in an experiment. Egon brought up the portal to the dimension of the Ghostbusters who were pursued by Proteus. She quickly stuck her head through and observed that dimension's Peter and Egon discussing missing cheese. Holtzmann noticed the No Ghost logo. Ray and Egon shared their theory about seeding the Multiverse with the idea of Ghostbusters when the team crossed the streams on Gozer's temple years ago. Patty recalled the name "Zuul" and asked if her team was going to end up fighting Gozer someday. Peter circled the conversation back to the overlap problem. As they walked upstairs, Ray requested "samples" from the other team. Holtzmann answered the front desk phone and took up a new case.

The majority of the two teams departed for Ellis Island on Marine Ecto-8. Kylie presented some reference material to Abby on the second floor while Egon carried in some equipment . Abby tried some out and noticed it was saying the P.K.E. was building up in pressure and was close to releasing it. A noticeable tremor rocked the Firehouse. Kevin Beckman notified them that some of the materials from his dimension's Firehouse showed up downstairs. Some time later, Beckman called Ray's phone at about the time the threat on Ellis Island was neutralized. He informed Ray he tagged everything from his dimension's Firehouse so no one would get confused. Janine grabbed the phone and told Ray he was telling everyone who called the same thing. She informed Ray that Egon and Abby were out collecting data while Melanie Ortiz was on her way from the west coast as soon as she could get a flight. Ray told Janine they cleared Ellis Island and asked her to call the Fire Department on the special line as soon as possible. Several buildings were on fire.

A few days later, Peck demanded a comprehensive update from a Ghostbuster. Holtzmann couldn't resist the opportunity to mess with an uptight bureaucrat and pretended she could steal his soul with a kiss because she was from another dimension. Egon, Ray, Kylie, and Erin, Abby were interviewing and scanning Cait, Zoe, Evan, and Garrett upstairs on the second floor. Egon, Ray, and Kylie concluded it was a three part problem. They had to sever the Bronx Spook's connection to the Manhattan Ley Lines, draw it fully into their dimension and trap it, and seal the breach with a controlled explosion. Erin noticed Abby walked off into another room. Abby was feeling sorry for herself with the new knowledge there was a multiverse full of teams of Ghostbusters and she felt a little less unique. Erin cheered her up and Abby got an idea to salvage her team's Containment Unit and use as a means to trap the ghost. They began working on incorporating it into a new vehicle. Holtzmann naturally freaked out upon returning from a case and seeing her invention in pieces. Ray briefed Peter, Winston, Patty, and Holtzmann on what the plan was.

The number of canceled and diverted airplane flights to New York began to increase as the dimensional bleed incident continued. With little choice, Agent Melanie Ortiz drove from Missouri to New York. She arrived at the Firehouse and initially mistook Jillian Holtzmann for a fellow agent based in Boston. Holtzmann filled her in on how Ray's 101 pilot team's unauthorized use of the teleportation unit caused the two dimensions to merge. Kylie finished programming the Ultimate Mobile Trap's horn to sound like Debarge. Melanie turned to Kylie for more information. She confessed it was her fault she showed the cadets the unit. Melanie called up Agent Holtzmann and had her talk to her counterpart. Abby introduced herself while Kylie explained the multi-part plan to trap the Bronx Spook and split their dimensions. Janine was happy to see Melanie and asked her to help deal with the phones.

Ray and Egon attempted to recalibrate the sensor array set-up on the Dimensional Inverter on the second floor. As soon as Ray finished using some needle nose pliers, the Inverter sensed an extra-dimensional incursion and activated its alarm. They were surprised to see Donatello cross over. Donatello quickly explained he and his brothers were attacked by strange entities. The strange entities, the Collectors, crossed over and grabbed Donatello. They recognized Ray and Egon. After shrugging off a Proton Stream, the Collectors warned them not to interfere or they would turn their attention back to them. Peter and Winston were called up for a meeting. Egon revealed the Collectors left behind trace ectoplasm that would yield the dimensional frequency of their limbo dimension. Ray hinted he already had an idea on how to deal with the Collectors. Over a period of roughly three weeks, they formulated a plan and devised new technology to aid them, Remote Portal Access Bands to allow them to open portals in the field and Experimental Mental Communications Devices to temporarily camouflage Donatello's presence. Peter, Ray, and Winston went through the Interspatial Teleportation Unit to the Collectors' Limbo and instructed only Donatello to go through. Egon explained the situation as they went up to the third floor. Egon revealed he needed Donatello's knowledge of transdimensional mechanics to construct a permanent means of containment for the Collectors. To compound things, Egon turned Donatello's attention to a simulation he was running. The others had less than a day before they would be captured.

Donatello admitted he was amazed with how much Egon and Ray modified his original design for the teleportation unit as well as with inventing the access bands. Egon admitted a drawback of the technology was it stirred up P.K.E. and attracted ghosts. He clarified he needed Donatello's unmodified design to recreate the portal technology and combine it with the Traps to directly transport the four Collectors into the Containment Unit. Donatello got an idea on how to prevent the Collectors from escaping before they could trap them. While they worked on the Trap-Gate, Donatello's Communications Device went haywire and he suffered neural confusion with Winston. He briefly gleaned the Collectors breaching dimensions. Janine entered the room with a delivery from Kung Fu Hustle Supply Emporium. Donatello revealed his idea was to build proton-powered ninja arsenal. Egon and Donatello left for the Warehouse to test their prototypes then hurried back to modify the Trap-Gate. Donatello finished soldering the Trap-Gate and completed boosting it five fold. Egon reminded him they had to capture all four Collectors. Donatello reassured him they were ready thanks to the Proton Weapons then probed him about his death again. Egon stated he would have preferred a robot was involved then admitted he would have been preferred to been restored to life by technology than by a god. He decided it was time to contact the others. Donatello checked the access band trackers and realized they were all in the same place. Fearing they were recaptured, they rushed down from the third floor to the basement and used the teleportation unit. Donatello went through with his Proton Weapon.

The Turtles, Peter, Ray, and Winston crossed over back to the Firehouse basement, where Egon and Janine were waiting. Michelangelo hugged Janine and told her about seeing his mother. Donatello cut the reunion short and handed out Proton Weapons then explained the plan. Egon performed calculations and determined the odds were in favor of the Collectors manifesting in Central Park near W 63rd. A short time after the Collectors were trapped, they returned to the Firehouse and said their goodbyes. Ray reassured Raphael the Containment Unit would keep the Collectors imprisoned. Winston reminded Leonardo to try and not put the whole world on his shoulders. Peter gave Michelangelo a copy of "A Beginner's Guide to Psychology." Donatello promised Egon he would send over a detailed set of data on the Metalhead experiment once he figured out where it all was. Janine asked them to say hello to April for her. The Turtles departed for home through the Interspatial Teleportation Unit once again.

Jenny started research on an entity the Ghostbusters encountered in the City Water Tunnel No. 3. She pointed out to Ray that he could have showered at home. Ray contended the Firehouse had better water pressure. Going on the fact the ghost had a head shaped like a pumpkin and an Irish accent, Jenny focused on a ghost that manifested during the festival of Samhain. Once Ray came out of the shower, she presented a page from "A Book of Pagan Rituals" to him that had an old drawing that resembled the ghost. She felt his head looked more like a turnip. Ray consulted "The Old Book of Magic" and learned the ghost wasn't seen in centuries and was believed to have been banished by a druid that learned its real name. Ray remembered the druids didn't have a tradition of writing so the ghost's real name was lost and hoped their modern arsenal was comparable. Jenny warned him to be careful. Ron interrupted them and suggested putting her into the Containment Unit for safekeeping. Jenny was surprised and asked why he was paying them a visit. Ron joked about her going easy with the cold shoulder because it was bringing down the room temperature and it was bad for the skin then pointed out Ray wasn't wearing any pants and only had a towel on. Jenny became angry and red and went through the wall and cabinets. Ray stated she was still sensitive about her condition. He pointed out Ron wasn't due for another week for proton equipment recertification. Ron insisted he had a life and coming a week early was the most convenient for him. Ray reminded him it was a condition of his pardon and he didn't have a say in it. The alarm sounded off. Since Peter and Winston weren't answering, Ron came along as the fourth with Ray, Egon, and Kylie.

As a result of being in direct contact during Connla's dispersal, a latent mental link was forged. In the few days before Connla's reconstitution, Kylie had a precognitive dream while she slept in the Ray's Occult Books office. In the dream, she and the four original Ghostbusters were surrounded by Connla's Army. Connla declared the veil to the other side would open permanently, more armies would come, and night would last forever. She awoke and went to the Firehouse to share details of the dream with the others. Egon noticed strange readings picked up by the Dream Analyzer Helmet but lied to her they were normal to assuage her fears. Kylie admitted she felt physical sensations during the dream. Egon asserted no matter what, they took dreams seriously. Peter contended he never took his seriously. Janine added they all learned that lesson already. Peter brought up the ghost had an Irish accent and hinted at a connection to Kylie like with Janine and the Draugar. Egon doubted it. Kylie revealed her great-grandfather chose her family's surname when he immigrated to America because it had a good ring to it. She realized something and ran off to double check her theory. Janine yelled out to leave the helmet on the front desk. She sighed and reckoned Ray had too much of an influence on her. Peter thought Egon was more to blame. With knowledge of the army coming, Egon went to work preparing for the possibility. He dug out a Remote Portal Access Band from a box. On Friday, at 3 pm, Ron continued complaining about Egon and Ray's wildly accurate calculations while Winston tried to finish maintenance on Ecto-1. He was naturally working Winston's last nerve. Ron wished Connla would hurry up and rematerialize. The alarm sounded. The Ghostbusters, Kylie, and Ron left for Liberty Island.

Ray was excited and a little nervous to finally conduct an experiment aimed at observing the interior of the Containment Unit. He hoped it tapped into a pocket dimension like the unit of their counterparts' in Dimension 68-R, the Real Ghostbusters. Egon turned a valve and insisted they still needed to be very careful. He didn't care to speculate how many days they were without incident. Ray emphasized it was a lot and stipulated as long as there was no direct connection to the Containment Unit when they fired up the dimensional portal, everything would stay perfectly copacetic. The interdimensional transport array was left on since it was running a diagnostic to sync up the monitoring equipment. It was okay as long as no one activated the portal and Containment Unit at the same time. Ray left a note just to be safe then he and Egon left to eat. Peter later tried to deposit the captured Phyllis Hasskamp but unbeknownst to him and the others, Ron and Holtzmann built their own Remote Access Teleportation Unit that piggybacked off the original teleportation unit in the basement and tested it. Before Peter could turn it off, the basement was enveloped in a white flash.

Peter was taken to a hospital a few blocks away. Ron and Holtzmann were reprimanded, for their part in the explosion, by Egon, Ray, and Winston on the third floor. Ron tried to claim he was forced to make matters into his own hands because Ray and Egon were never going to share the dimensional technology and pinned the blame on them. Winston heard enough and grabbed Rob by the collar. Holtzmann intervened and admitted the real reason she partnered with Ron was to use the technology to find more people she could identify with and expand her "family." They went down to the basement. Ray pointed out the improbable timing of the teleportation unit diagnostic, the remotely accessed portal, and Peter depositing a Trap. He only saw a blown capacitor in the Containment Unit but Egon discovered several major entities were missing. Egon realized the structural integrity was compromised but Gareth Dibello was suddenly released. He took control of a Proton Pack and fired at Holtzmann while the others took cover. The teleportation unit activated and several miniature portals were generated. Dibello flew through one with Holtzmann but she got stuck halfway. Egon and Ray pulled Holtzmann back into the basement, with part of Dibello's arm, just in time before the portal closed. Egon looked at the logs and realized all the missing entities used similar portals to go to other dimensions.

Two days later, the Chicago Ghostbusters volunteered to monitor the Containment Unit in case any more ghosts escaped. After Kevin finished updating Peck on the situation, he returned to the Firehouse to help watch the Containment Unit. Peck went to the Firehouse and became irate at the thought of the situation worsening. Kevin corrected his assessment and calmly said it only got more complicated as usual. He suggested calling the Warehouse if he wanted another update. Peck already did and was annoyed a child answered. Kevin stated they were high school seniors. Peck still qualified that as "child." He didn't like the likelihood they were children operating dangerous equipment unsupervised but circled back to his primary objection about not being satisfactorily updated on the imminent threat which he suspected was rapidly descending into hell in a hand basket. Jenny denied it upon arriving in the garage with six Slimers, the Ghostbusters of Dimension 11-W, the Ghostbusters of Dimension 68-M, and the Ghostbusters of Dimension 68-Q. Peck wanted more information and cited the Mayor as an excuse. Jenny pointed out the Containment Unit was already being monitored and the three teams were at their disposal to go out on any calls. Ray 68-M announced, in Japanese, he was ready to blow a lot of things up. Kevin immediately told Peck he didn't understand him. Peck snapped he already knew what that Ray said then asked about the teleportation unit. Jenny brushed him off and went to retrieve notes for Egon Spengler of Dimension 68-E. Peck hurried up the stairs to the second floor and asked for her honest assessment of how bad it was. Jenny remembered they were still getting check-ins at least. Peck still found it hard to accept that transmissions from and travel to other dimensions was happening. Jenny admitted she was surprised no anonymous government agents ever came to take everything away. Peck revealed he made it clear how easily the Ghostbusters' shoddy technology could end all life on Earth without the proper care and maintenance. Slimer suddenly screamed at the other Slimers flying around. They hid behind Jenny. Jenny was touched Peck was protecting the Ghostbusters in his own way. Peck stated he was protecting the country and reiterated he expected to be appraised with regular check-ins. She suggested he go to the Warehouse and coyly leaned over his shoulder to kiss him. Then the four Slimers kissed him at the same time instead. He swore.

Despite the ghosts being recaptured and the ghosts captured in the team's absence, the Containment Unit was still nearing meltdown. Jenny called the Warehouse from the basement and informed Ray of the developments. She asked him if there were any filled Traps laying around. She estimated one more ghost was needed and the unit was about to blow up. With little choice or time, Jenny sacrificed herself and went into the Containment Unit. It stabilized and returned to normal working order. After a day's worth of work, Egon, Ray, Egon 68-R, and Holtzmann of 80-C finished work on the Containment Observation TV. Once the grid was stable and the monitor was ready, it was turned on. It worked and Ray inputted Jenny's P.K.E. signature. Jenny was found but a Mail Fraud Ghost charged her. Ray was aghast but Holtzmann told him to slow down. Jenny punched out the ghost. Holtzmann declared they were locked in there with her. Ray was relieved and hugged everyone at once. Ray vowed to make sure Jenny's promise they would see each other again would come true. Before Holtzmann left, Egon asked for her thoughts on a new application to old research of his. Holtzmann read his strip of paper but it made no sense. In reality, it was Egon's subliminal messaging code. He reworked it to interrupt any memory of the transdimensional technology. Holtzmann was confused why the Chicken Dance was suddenly stuck in her head. Egon didn't think there were any side effects as far as he knew and planned to show it to Ron next. Ray was satisfied and added they should limit their dimensional travel for the time being.

Dimension 50-SEdit

The Sanctum of Slime Ghostbusters were gone over a week while they were aiding the Ghostbusters of the prime dimension with recapturing entities that escaped their Containment Unit. Upon returning to their home dimension, they requested time off. Conversing at the front desk, Peter was aghast. Alan explained they just got through chasing ghosts in other dimensions, fighting Tiamat in the Collectors' Limbo, and saving the multiverse. Gabriel felt they deserved a day off. Peter wasn't impressed and reminded them his team also saved the multiverse before. Ray added they did so at least a dozen times. Peter recalled they also got paid for it each time. Janine interceded and announced there was a call about a haunted house that appeared out of nowhere in Bayside, Queens. She revealed there was also video online. Peter assigned the case to the SOS team. Alan insisted they just got back and were exhausted. Peter told him they were young and didn't need sleep. Alan wanted to at least change flight suits for a clean one. Egon was intrigued by the readings coming off the ectoplasmic residue on his. Alan informed him it was from a Moose Ghost that got blown up. Egon wanted to study it before the suit was further contaminated but Peter wasn't having any of it.

After the SOS team returned from Bayside, Egon scanned Alan's suit with the Giga Meter. He was surprised the readings weren't as dormant as he expected. Egon was buzzed on the intercomm system by the others and informed that the Trap they used to capture Wat was empty. Egon asked if they had any issues with the Containment Unit's secure access system. Alan elected himself and the team to figure it out while he studied his suit. The SOS team left for the New York City Public Library. An hour later, Alan realized Wat avoided capture and stowed away on his flight suit so he could infiltrate the Firehouse. Wat partially manifested within the suit and immobilized Egon. Before he could use Egon to open the Containment Unit and form his army, the SOS team arrived. Since it was a code red situation, Geoff decided to retreat to Philadelphia and departed in Ecto-4WD. Gabriel checked his P.K.E. Meter and confirmed there was an active presence inside. Alan addressed Wat. He refused to give up. They opened fire but he manifested in his true form. The SOS team and Egon quickly ran out of the Firehouse. Wat burst through the firehall and chased after them. They tapped into the local power grid and trapped Wat, but triggered a black out.

Real Life LocationsEdit

The exterior shots are from a working firehouse in the Tribeca area of New York City on the Avenue of the Americas. It is a pilgrimage site for die-hard Ghostbusters fans while in New York. The interior shots were filmed in a decommissioned Los Angeles-area firehouse which was also used in National Security, The Mask, Big Trouble in Little China and Flatliners.


  • Below
    • Basement
    • Sub-Basement (Storage)
    • Circuit Breaker Room
  • First Floor
    • Garage
    • Secretary Desk
    • Peter's Office
  • Second Floor
    • Sleeping Quarters
    • Dining Area
    • Egon's Lab
    • Bathroom and Showers
  • Third Floor
    • Full Kitchen [4]


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  • The Real Estate woman noted the property was 10,000 square feet but Egon corrected her and stated it was 9,642.55 square feet.[11]
  • The Firehouse was two firehouses in reality. One was an old firehouse in use in New York and a decommissioned firehouse in Los Angeles used as an artist's studio. Exterior shots were done at the New York firehouse and interior shots were all done in the Los Angeles firehouse. [12] [13] [14]
  • Michael Gross found the New York firehouse in his preliminary trip to the city. The firehouse was around the corner from where he was staying. After finishing location scouting, the firehouse was still chosen to be the location. [15]
  • Production designer John DeCuir made a foam core mockup of the Firehouse to establish a feel for the set before construction and renovation of the shooting location and for Ivan Reitman to determine blocking action and camera angles. [16]
  • The Firehouse was used, essentially as found, in the sequence where Egon, Ray, and Peter look around the hall. Once the initial scenes were shot, John DeCuir and his staff moved in and made the necessary modifications for later sequences. [17]
  • During shoots at the New York firehouse, the production crew ran into the crew of "Hill Street Blues", a police drama television series, a lot. [18]
  • Both the Los Angeles and New York Firehouses were built in the same year, 1912. [19] [20]
  • Dan Aykroyd really wanted to use the fire pole. It wasn't just a line for Ray. [21]
  • The "We Got One!" scene was filmed in the Los Angeles Firehouse. [22]
  • While the explosion of ghosts out of the Firehouse was an optical effect, the smoke and debris was a practical effect. [23] Three cameras were used for the shot. This led to a lot of miscommunication, premature detonation smoke bomb detonations and cast members running out the firehouse. [24]
  • An expanded version of the street near the Firehouse was rendered in matte painting form by Matthew Yurichich. This included the Stay Puft Marshmallows billboard. [25]
  • The part where the Firehouse's roof ruptured was actually a miniature Firehouse shot at Entertainment Effects Group. [26]

Ghostbusters IIEdit

  • In the Ghostbusters II August 5, 1988 draft, the Firehouse is initially in bad shape - not repaired after the events of the first movie. [27]
  • A copy of the 1985 "Nostradamus Into the Millennium" by Erika Cheetham and Glamour magazine March 1989 issue are on Louis' desk when he first meets Slimer.
  • On the wall in Peter's office are frames of magazine and newspaper features:
    • Row 1, Left: A LIFE magazine issue whose cover photograph is a still from the first montage of Ghostbusters II when the four Ghostbusters run down the street.
    • Row 1, Right: New York Post spotlighting Peter, Ray, and Egon's "We're back!" declaration after capturing the Scoleri Brothers.
    • Row 2, Left: The TIME magazine issue from the first movie
    • Row 2, Center: The USA Today edition from the first movie
    • Row 2, Right: A TIME magazine issue of the Ghostbusters in dark jumpsuits and Santa hats from a montage in this movie
    • Row 3, Left: The Omni magazine issue from first movie
    • Row 3, Center: A magazine issue with Ecto-1a
    • Row 3, Right: The Atlantic issue from the first movie
  • In the second floor kitchen, there is a Dustbuster on the top of the refrigerator. Next to it is a box of Scoopy's Cups ice cream cones on top of the fridge.
  • A five packs of Cheese-N-Crackers are on top of the microwave. The periodic table of the elements is posted on the wall behind the microwave.
  • One of the arcades is Jump Bug by Rock-Ola released in 1981.
  • A poster of the Hotel Lincoln on the wall by the billiard table
  • The Hook & Ladder 8 sign was left up during shooting of this movie. It was removed during production of the first movie.
  • At the 55:10 mark, Ivan Reitman, wearing a blue jacket, is walking away from the Firehouse.

Ghostbusters: The Video GameEdit

  • In Ghostbusters: The Video Game:[28]
    • Of all the children's drawings on the wall in Firehouse, only one was actually drawn by a child.
    • Ray's desk in the Firehouse features all the prototype equipment that was developed for the game but didn't make the final cut, including ghost stasis-mine disks and five different P.K.E. Meter models.
    • The people calling and leaving messages on the answering machine are all employees of Terminal Reality, Inc. (Developer of PC/PS3/Xbox versions).
  • Also in Ghostbusters: The Video Game:
    • There is a computer on the second floor of the Firehouse that shows the infamous end screen of the original Nintendo Ghostbusters game that says "CONGLATURATION !!! YOU HAVE COMPLETED A GREAT GAME. AND PROOVED THE JUSTICE OF OUR CULTURE. NOW GO AND REST OUR HEROES !"
    • On the second floor on the chalk board below the Ecto-1 sketch is the infamous Konami Code "Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, A, and B.
    • Hanging in the Firehouse is a crayon drawing of a Ghostbuster. Text on it reads "To Uncle Egon, from Ed." This is a nod to the Denver Ghostbusters fan films.
    • Louis Tully's desk is seen with a note on his computer that states he is "going home early."
    • After the Natural History Museum incident, one of the messages on the phone is from a "Prof. Jones." He is looking for the Vigo painting, states that it is a historical artifact, and that it belongs in a museum. This refers to the title character of the film series, "Indiana Jones."

IDW ComicsEdit

  • In Ghostbusters Annual 2015, page 10, the outside Firehouse signage is the original banner seen in the first movie.
  • In Ghostbusters International #8, the third floor of the Firehouse resembles the layout of the second floor seen in Ghostbusters: The Video Game (Stylized Versions).
  • In Ghostbusters Annual 2017, on page 39, the opening panel is a loose nod to the layout of the second floor of the Firehouse in Ghostbusters: The Video Game, Realistic Versions, with the vacuum cleaner, cart, ladder, boxes, green rug, and the Phoenican Plague Vase where appears where it is after Rookie collects it.
  • On page 7 of Ghostbusters 101 #1, in panel 2:
    • On the table on the right, the book on top of the pile references Andrew Shaffer, author of the Three Rivers Press printing of "Ghosts From Our Past"
    • On the table are a Slinkie and toaster - nods to Ghostbusters II.
    • On the table behind the teenagers is the Spooks Illustrated pull-out article seen at the end of The Real Ghostbusters episode "Ghostbuster of the Year".
    • In the upper right corner on the drawing board is Dan Schoening's model sheet for the Boogieman from Ghostbusters: The Board Game. Schoening tweeted it on May 1, 2015
  • On page 7 of Ghostbusters 101 #1, in panel 3, on the shelf behind Ray is the Kenner Ecto-Plazm box.
  • On page 7 of Ghostbusters 101 #1, in panel 4, in front of the Ecto-Plazm, is a box of Primo Spiffies Cakes which were introduced in Annual 2017. On the right, is a Blody can and the "Ghostbusters" song 30th anniversary edition.
  • On page 8 of Ghostbusters 101 #1, in panel 1, in the box on the armchair, is the Ghostbusters II Soundtrack CD longbox back cover.
  • On page 8 of Ghostbusters 101 #1, in panel 3, behind Peter, is the I Love New York ceramic pig seen behind him in Chapter Two of the first movie when he administers electric shocks.
  • On page 9 of Ghostbusters 101 #1, in panel 3, the Ghostbusters II Poster Book is on the shelf above Peter's head.
  • On page 18 of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles/Ghostbusters Volume 2 Issue #4, the third floor hall is seen for the first time.
  • The Firehouse was mentioned in the 101 Cadets' bio in the 38th Crossing Over Virtual Trading Card, released on June 28, 2018. [29]
  • The Firehouse appears on Cover RI of Ghostbusters Crossing Over Issue #8

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