The Firehouse is the headquarters of the Ghostbusters.


At one point, Egon Spengler installed shutters impervious to ectoplasm throughout the Firehouse.[2] When activated, no ghosts could exit the building. It was only known to be used once against the Copycat. By 1997, an elevator lift was added the Firehouse. It extended from the garage bay to the rec room on the second floor, and the third floor.

In the late 1980s, the city decided to build a new expressway through the neighborhood to deal with increasing traffic needs. As a result, the Firehouse and the whole block it was on was slated to be torn down.[3][4] With little choice, the Ghostbusters prepared to move. Peter Venkman caused an accident with a Trap being bled of its energy. A Time Slip was generated and the Ghostbusters and Slimer were sent to April 10, 1959. They met Engine Company 93, the unit of firefighters that lived at the Firehouse before them. The Time Slip also allowed Ghost Invaders and a Demon Invader to cross over. The Ghostbusters and Company 93 fought back and repelled the invasion. With the Trap recharged to its exact power level during the accident, the Ghostbusters were able to travel back to the present.[5] They discovered the Firehouse was saved because the Mayor declared it a national monument to honor Company 93 for saving the city from the ghost invasion.[6][7]



The basement first of all is where the Containment Unit is. The Laundry Area is located between the Containment Unit and the control panel.[8] The Basement floor is directly above the ceiling of the sewer tunnels below.[9] It also became Egon's study in later years.


It was a rarely shown room that was behind the Containment Unit.[10][11]

Stair Case

The staircase starts from the basement door and leads around a corner and then to the first near the Uniform Closets.

First Floor


The garage is between the doors and Janine's desk. On one side of the room is the Ghostbusting equipment and uniform closets. On the other side are toolboxes, a work bench, and boxes of car parts. Ray and Winston often seen working on the high maintenance Ecto-1 in the garage. Sometimes the floor has oil or other fluids that leaked from Ecto-1 on it.

Secretary Desk

Janine's desk setup is a typical for a secretary. It has a computer, a typewriter, and a large telephone on it. Next to the phone is a big red button that activates the fire bell, alerting the Ghostbusters that they have a customer or a general call. Behind it are file cabinets that have everything from customer invoices to blueprints to Ghostbusting equipment and act as a wall between Janine's and Peter's desks. All the drawers are rarely locked.

Peter's Office

Peter's offices consist of his desk, two chairs in front of the desk (for customers), and an executive chair behind it. His desk has very little paperwork inside it and is more of a foot rest to him. It is loaded with nick-knacks to keep Peter occupied and stuff that he wants to hide from Slimer.

Back Room

The Back Room was another section dedicated to experiments. In the Back Room, Egon quickly developed the Silver Iodide Device to help rescue Ray from Simon Quegg's Horse and Buggy.[12] Ray and Egon once developed the Dimensionometer there.[13] By 1997, the door to the back room now led to a rest room.

Second Floor

Rec Room

The rec room contains a home entertainment system, lots of furniture, a study, and a library. A case holding a statue of Peter Venkman in uniform was later added near the study area.


The kitchen is rarely stocked due to Slimer's appetite. The Ghostbusters take turns cooking.

Third Floor

Sleeping Quarters

All the Ghostbusters sleep in separate beds. Ray's has a TV attached to the foot of the bed and Egon has a reading lamp. Slimer is fond of sleeping on Peter's pillow.


The Hall connects all three rooms on the third floor along with having the Spiral Staircases which goes down to the rec room area on the second floor.


The bathroom is located on the third floor. It includes standard amenities such as a toilet and bath tub/shower. The room has its own phone which extends out to the shower.

Egon's Lab

Egon's lab serves as the Ghostbuster's Research and Development division. It also has a state of the art and fully equipped scientific laboratory. Egon is emotionally bonded to his computer which is located inside of the lab. The lab also has a cluster of instruments monitoring the Containment Unit so the Ghostbusters don't need to go downstairs to check on it. Egon is assisted by Ray, Slimer, and/or Winston during his daily experiments. There is also equipment set up to specifically take P.K.E. readings at timed intervals.



It seems that Slimer has a little room up in the attic. He was only seen in there when he was grumbling over Peter Venkman yelling at him for interfering with everything.[14]


What exactly is on the roof changes with each episode. Some items include: a water tower, skylight, one or two TV/CB/Radio antenna, a satellite dish, at least two smokestacks, a stairwell, gutters, a storm drain, landing pad, and unspecified Ghostbusting equipment. At one point, Slimer built his own clubhouse on the roof.[15]


Across from the alley on the side of the Firehouse, Roland Jackson worked on equipment repairs, servicing, and inventing from a ground level space converted into a work shop.


The Firehouse has at least one red klaxon alarm on each floor.

  • First Floor
    • It is located in the garage bay, above and to the left of the doorway if looking from Janine's desk.
  • Second Floor
    • It is located in the kitchen, above the refrigerator.
  • Third Floor
    • It is located inside the sleeping quarters, above and to the left of the doorway if looking at the hall from a bed.

Phone Numbers

The Firehouse has used three phone numbers total.

Secondary Canon History

Dimension 68-R

During the Proteus incident, a Ray Stantz from another dimension crossed over and appeared in the Firehouse sleeping quarters. He took P.K.E. readings then eavesdropped on Janine as she played captured audio from inside the Containment Unit. He learned of Proteus' involvement in the crisis then met Slimer. His suit was drenched in ectoplasm. While Slimer tried to tell Janine what happened, Ray went back through the portal and avoided further detection. The Peter Venkman, Winston Zeddemore, and Janine Melnitz, from the parallel dimension they guys were displaced to by Proteus, used the Interspatial Teleportation Unit to cross over to the Firehouse. They approached Janine. She radioed the guys and asked them to get back to the Firehouse as soon as possible. Egon agreed to help them and went back to their home dimension with them.

Abby Yates cited how her team's experiments always had a control and requested one when Egon Spengler revealed frequency fluctuations indicated their respective dimensions were in a state of overlap. Egon called up a stable alternate with the Interspatial Teleportation Unit then invited Jillian Holtzmann to interact with the portal once more. Meanwhile, Peter and Egon were having a conversation on the third floor in the lab. Peter was getting tired of Slimer eating his good cheese. Egon agreed. Peter smelled Gruyere on Egon's breath and was aghast. Holtzmann placed her head through the portal and appeared behind Egon. She advised him to lose the rat-tail. Holtzmann returned to the other dimension and reported seeing some shifty looking guy wearing their logo.

On a Friday, after a week of having cases poached by Spooks Away, Peter had enough and called the whole situation ridiculous. Janine answered the phone but it was just someone asking for Spooks Away's phone number. Peter declared they were ruined. Slimer tried to cheer him up with a cuddle. It failed to work. Saul Pendleton, leader of Spooks Away, entered the Firehouse and formally introduced himself then tried to recruit Ray to his team with the promise of a new uniform, the latest equipment and all the jelly doughnuts he could eat. Peter turned down the offer on his behalf. Ray agreed after some thought. Saul told him he was making a mistake because the Ghostbusters were stuck in the past and Spooks Away was the future. Peter prompted Slimer to show him what they thought of his future. Slimer blew a raspberry at Saul. Janine showed him out. Saul promised it wasn't the last they heard of him. After the Ghostbusters turned in, Spooks Away lured Slimer outside with doughnut illusions and captured him. The next morning, the Ghostbusters noticed Slimer wasn't around and the refrigerator was intact. They saw an ABS News report about Saul stirring controversy about the Ghostbusters harboring a ghost and learned Slimer was being held captive by Spooks Away. A plan was quickly formulated. Ray was "volunteered" to infiltrate the company.

Dimension 68-E

Roland and Garrett tried to play a card game on the second floor but Kylie and Eduardo argued. She accused him of being a hypocrite who couldn't be honest about himself. Garrett tried to tell them to take the fight somewhere else but he was ignored. Luckily a call came in from Egon about a disturbance at the Central Park Zoo.



Secondary Canon

IDW Comics


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