The Five Points Killer is the ghost of an executed murderer.


The man went on a murder spree in the Five Points, a neighborhood in central-lower Manhattan. An accounting firm was involved in the spree and victims were noted to be bound at the hands. The killer was eventually caught, convicted, and was executed by hanging.

In the springtime, during the wedding of Winston Zeddemore and Tiyah Clarke, the ghost of the Five Points Killer manifested and terrorized staff at the Bates CPA, PC firm. As in life, the ghost gathered his victims and bound them. The victims were carried along and entered non-responsive states. One of the employees, Mr. Crook, was able to call the Ghostbusters for help. The ghost found and bound Crook along with another co-worker named Megan. Special Agent Melanie Ortiz, Kylie Griffin, Rookie, and Ron Alexander responded to the call. Kylie recognized the killer and declared he was a real coward then took a shot at him. The ghost flew up on floor, inadvertently releasing his victims. Kylie and Rookie quickly escorted them outside while Melanie and Ron continued looking for the ghost.

While suffering some equipment failure, Ron was slammed by the ghost and suffered a minor concussion. Melanie elected to perform one last sweep of the floor before taking Ron to safety. The ghost appeared behind her but she ducked and Rookie blasted it. Kylie threw out a Trap and captured the killer. Kylie waived the surcharge for violent manifestations and issued the invoice totaling $9098.75 to Mr. Crook.


  • The ghost is loosely visually based on William Adolphus Schmidt (b. 1854), an accountant for Empire Flour Mill at Hannibal, Missouri. [1]
  • For capturing the Five Points Killer, the Ghostbusters charged:
    • $7279.40 for Entrapment
    • $609.35 for Proton Charging
    • $1210.00 for Storage
  • In the Ghostbusters: Mass Hysteria hard cover collection, on page four, the Killer appears in the lower center of the background.


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