Flame Dragon Ghosts are ghosts resembling dragons who kidnap the citizens of Camelot.


Believed to be composed of the fiery pits of the Netherworld, the Flame Dragon Ghosts manifested during Arthurian times. A dozen of these entities corralled the citizens of Camelot into the Castle of the Damned where their energies would be used to free Morgan Le Fay. They torched Camelot and were recurring enemies of Ray Stantz. When Ray, Peter Venkman, and Rachel Unglighter stormed the castle, Peter instructed Ray to hit the blue switch on their modified Proton Packs. By doing so, they froze the dragon ghosts and dispersed them.


Ray Stantz notes that the Flame Dragon Ghosts are a "whole different breed of ectoplasmic threat" in comparison to standard entities.


Flame Dragon Ghosts have the power of flight and pyrokinesis. They manifested in different hues.


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