The Flasher Ghost was one of several ghosts to appear after Rowan broke the barrier between the living and the dead. He appeared in the 2016 movie.


During the madness of the invasion of ghosts, this ghost appears on the corner flashing a fleeing man and woman among many to skirt past this perverted ghost.


  • Kyle Brown came up with several rough sketches of ghosts for Times Square. The less risque version of the Flasher Ghost was chosen.[1]
  • The scene with the Flasher Ghost was filmed at 260 Franklin Street during the Boston shoot.



  1. Kyle Brown Facebook 7/29/16 Kyle Brown writes: "More #Ghostbusters #conceptart for the Time Square ghosts. This was a blast! It was totally blue sky, just some rough sketches trying to come up with different goofy ghost archetypes to populate the third act. The Flasher does show up for a split second, sans some more questionable features lol."


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