The Fort Wayne Army is a coalition of ghosts of soldiers, from various military eras, led by the ghost of Major-General Anthony Wayne.


In mid-June, many ghosts became slightly more organized and hostile at Fort Wayne. General Wayne desired peace at last and decided that would be achieved with the fall of Canada. Ray Stantz posed as a Colonel intent on going through with a surprise inspection. However, Wayne ordered the army to make an example of Ray. Peter Venkman grabbed their attention by advertising 'Ahgotcha Juice' over the loudspeaker of Ecto-1a. Once the ghosts all got close enough, Peter opened eight Traps and captured them all.

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  • When Ray approaches Fort Wayne, he first talks to two ghosts posted as guards. The ghosts are based on Eugene Levy and Ben Stein.
  • Chris Stewart of Proton Charging appears as one of the ghosts on surrounding Ray. He is on Ray's immediate left. [1]
  • Mrmichaelt of Ghostbusters Wiki appears as one of the ghosts on the right surrounding Ray [2]
  • Devilmanozzy of Ghostbusters Wiki appears as one of the ghosts on the left surrounding Ray.
  • One of the ghosts mentions he served with General Custer famed for his last stand at the Battle of the Little Bighorn in 1876


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