FOX 5 News was a television news station that covered the New York City area in the 2016 movie.


FOX 5 News covered the "Erin Gilbert Altercation" of Erin punching out Blogger Chris Gethard, including both anchors and interviews with Dean Harold Filmore and Dean Thomas Shanks which both distanced themselves from her. In his interview, Shanks went ahead and plugged his new album before getting permission for the reporter. Jillian Holtzmann was the first to notice Erin was on Fox 5 News. Abby Yates turned the TV off before the part when Shanks played his guitar. After the Ghostbusters defeated Rowan North, the news covered the event and the questions surrounding it. Anchor #2 stated the authorities were still trying to understand what happened in Times Square and throughout the city. Anchor #1 noted that he saw ghost pilgrims.

Known EmployeesEdit


  • Both FOX 5 News personalities were cameos by real reporters from the station. They were the anchors of the "Good Day New York" morning program at the time. Greg Kelly left the station on September 29, 2017.[1][2]



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