François Rousseau[1][2] is a famous Marine Biologist known for his TV specials about exploring for rarities, such as "Searching for Montezuma's Treasure" and "In Pursuit of the Great White Whale."[3][4]


François Rousseau was well respected scientist by his peers and the public at large but many were unaware he was on the verge of losing his funding. Rousseau became desperate for a break-through.[5] An opportunity arose when his people found the Lost City of Krobos and inadvertently awoke the Dry Spell Spirit. When the desiccated remains of the crew was found, Rousseau requested the Extreme Ghostbusters to investigate. He took them aboard the ship, quite sure the outbreak was supernatural and not viral.

Sure enough, the ghost attacked them. Rousseau was amazed by the ghost and saved Kylie Griffin by releasing a burst of steam in its face. The Ghostbusters then trapped it. Rousseau attempted to get permission to study the ghost but Roland Jackson played by the rules and turned him down. Rousseau was persistent and asked to see the Containment Unit. Roland turned him down once more. However, Rousseau managed to convince Eduardo Rivera to help him. Eduardo secretly let Rousseau into the Firehouse basement through the side door. While Eduardo was distracted, Rousseau stole the Trap holding the Dry Spell Spirit. Luckily, Slimer witnessed the theft and alerted Egon Spengler. A car chase followed but Rousseau lost them. Back at the Maritime Research Center, Rousseau foolishly released the ghost into an observation tank. He intended to use the ghost to get a renewal of his grants. The ghost had other plans and escaped into a tank. While the Ghostbusters chased after the ghost, Rousseau followed them to the New York City Water Purification System Waystation and stole Eduardo's Proton Pack. Kylie allowed him to take custody of the ghost. Rousseau lost control and fell into the reservoir of water. He was then drained by the ghost. Once the ghost was retrapped, Rousseau was restored to normal.


  • Francois Rousseau seems loosely based on Jacques Cousteau who in reality passed away on June 25, 1997.


Extreme Ghostbusters


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