Film RolesEdit

Frances E. Nealy portrayed the Chambermaid in Ghostbusters


  • She was told there would be "little" pyrotechnics placed on her cart. The scene when the maid looked at the Ghostbuster and asked them, "What they hell are you doing?!" was also directed towards Thaine Morris and the effects team. [1]


  1. Thaine Morris (1999). Ghostbusters (1984) "SFX Team Featurette" (1999) (DVD ts. 12:04-12:17). Columbia Pictures. Thaine Morris says: "We told her 'We're going to put little pyrotechnics on the cart.' Operative word "little." It 'ploded pretty heavy. And that line she sticks her head out there around the corner... she's looking straight at us and she ain't happy."