Frank[1] was a tenant that lived at The Mercado Hotel in the 2016 movie.


Frank was completely unaware of ghosts invading Manhattan. When Rowan North, in possession of Kevin Beckman, was confronted by the Ghostbusters a second time in the Mercado, Frank came down from his apartment to get some ice. He stood in the lobby and stared at Rowan. Rowan noticed him, as well, and commented there were five of them now. Erin Gilbert was confused. She saw that there was a middle aged man in a bath robe standing next to them. She asked him who he was. He introduced himself as "Frank" and explained he just came down to get some ice. Abby Yates told him to get out of the hotel. Frank ran outside and screamed. Patty Tolan suggested they should have warned him about what was outside.


  • Rick Moranis' cameo would been as a Mercado resident, in his pajamas and robe, who wanders down and stands near the Ghostbusters unaware of what's happening. Brian Baumgartner filmed the scene in Moranis' place and it was included in the extended version.[2]



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  2. EMPIRE Online "Empire Podcast: Ghostbusters Spoiler Special with Paul Feig" 20:57-21:26 7/27/16 Paul Feig says: "We had one for Rick Moranis but he just didn't -- he wasn't interested in doing it which we ended up cutting out and I feel bad because Brian Baumgartner -- if you know American 'Office' he played Kevin on the American 'Office.' He did it. It was a fun thing when they show up in the Mercado lobby and facing off against Kevin who's possessed by Rowan. He's, 'Oh, I see there's five of you now. 'Huh?' And the camera pans out, widens out to reveal this guy's standing there in his pajamas in a robe. And they're, 'Get out of here!' It was Brian but wrote it for Rick."