Frank Bancroft was a comic book writer and artist that Egon summoned to help defeat D'Orka.


After serving in World War II, Frank Bancroft continued his career in the comic book industry and drew acclaim for creating some of the most popular super heroes. He became infamous for his short fuse temper. Bancroft worked alongside Karl Miller and co-created several characters. However, Bancroft always felt that Miller deserved equal credit for everything they created together. Bancroft became an icon and was famous for bypassing traditional expectations for information retrieval and delivery. He worked on titles such as "Space Opera" with Miller and "Crimefighters Anonymous" by himself.

Bancroft always attended the Independence Day Con, where he would draw sketches for his fans. He passed away a few months before the latest convention. Bancroft's pencil was left at a booth dedicated to the man and a tribute panel was scheduled. When D'Orka appeared, Egon Spengler detected a second presence on the P.K.E. Meter. It appeared Bancroft's spirit became attached to his tribute booth. However, despite full readings and no variance in psychokinetic signature, there was no manifestation. Egon resorted to negative verbal stimulus to force Bancroft to manifest. After learning of the situation, Bancroft created several emanations to fight D'Orka. Ultimately, Bancroft delivered the final blow that disintegrated the demon. Before dispersing, he drew a sketch of Ray Stantz as a gift.


  • Independence Day is Bancroft's favorite holiday.



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