Frank the Superintendent (also known as Frank the Doorman) can be seen at the beginning of Ghostbusters II when Dana Barrett stops in front of the apartment building she lives at.


Frank was first seen talking with someone performing maintenance of the building. Frank instructed the man to go downstairs to the cellar and check the water lines to the boiler then check the pump. Frank emphasized how he wanted it done that day. Dana arrived and asked Frank for help with her groceries. Dana appealed to his inner decency. Frank did it as a favor. Dana then asked him about fixing the radiator in Oscar's room which she had asked for previously. At first, Frank thought he did but assured her it would be no problem.

Name Conflict

In the Ghostbusters II credits, he is listed as Frank the Doorman despite the character Frank saying he was not the doorman but instead the Superintendent. [1]



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Ghostbusters II

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Real Ghostbusters Starring in Ghostbusters II


  1. Frank (1999). Ghostbusters II- Chapter 1 (1999) (DVD ts. 1:23-1:26). Columbia TriStar Home Video. Frank says: "Hey, I ain't the doorman, Miss Barrett, I'm the building's superintendent."


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