The Fraternity of the Dead is a group of ghosts of several expelled college students.


A fraternity led by Elwin Spalding was notorious for pulling pranks, throwing parties and never studying when they were among the living. One day, the fraternity members stole the answers to a final exam but were caught and expelled. Spalding promised that he would get even.

50 years after the expulsion, Tri Kuppa Bro moved into the building formerly occupied by Spalding's fraternity. This triggered the manifestation of their unruly frat ghosts. At first, Spalding and co. pulled off pranks in the frat house but moved across campus. They transformed a goldfish into a monster, started up mischief in the cafeteria, and raiding the girls' dormitories. Tri Kuppa Bro vowed to clear their name and sought out the Ghostbusters' help.

The Ghostbusters eventually managed to bust the ghosts by giving them a chance to graduate by taking make up courses, but they got impatient and chased the Ghostbusters across campus and through the school. The Ghostbusters were able to trick them again and convince them to take a class photo before being handed their diplomas. The team disguised a Particle Thrower in a camera and used a Ghost Trap attached to the camera to capture them all on cue.


The Real Ghostbusters