Fred is a ghost gangster who worked for The Bosses in their coyote operation.


Little is known about Fred's life except he was killed by Japanese during World War II. [1] Over 40 years later, Fred worked for The Bosses in a coyote operation. Fred oversaw the movement of souls from Purgatory to the physical plane. During a meeting with Yakuza Ghosts, Fred possessed Peter's body and displaced his soul. Fred demanded the release of his crew, Blue Lou and Tommy Twitch. Instead, Winston Zeddemore punched him out. Fred vacated Peter's body and escaped capture.

Fred met with The Bosses and demanded retribution against the Ghostbusters. After getting permission to act, Fred gathered several Poltergeists and set up a trap outside the Firehouse. Fred took over Peter's body again and lured the guys outside where they were gunned down. Fred then piled the bodies into Ecto-1 and drove it into the East River. He reported success to The Bosses then announced his retirement. He then proceeded to have sexual relations using Peter's body. Fred's retirement was short-lived. The Bosses still viewed the Ghostbusters as threats and forced Fred to gather the Ghostbusters equipment and lead a gang into Purgatory to destroy the guys once and for all. Unknown to Fred, the Bosses brokered a deal with a demon in order to get Peter's possessed body into Purgatory. The demon would be allowed to torture Peter/Fred for all time.

Eventually, Peter took control of his body again but had to battle the demon. Fred attempted to redeem himself by handing over the Trap in return for the Ghostbusters capturing his bosses. J. Edgar Hoover, Elliot Ness, and Jelly Bryce took Fred into custody along with Al Capone. One or both revealed The Bosses' location on Earth after some interrogation.


Fred has shown the power of flight, intangibility, move objects, and possession.


IDW Comics


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