The Genevieve Tapestry [1] (also known as Sans Pitie Tapestry) [2] is a painting of Genevieve, wife of King Arthur.


Steve Jennings chose the Genevieve Tapestry for a special evening showing at the Cloisters. While his motives were suspect, he realized Genevieve and his friend Dr. Doris Tibbs shared many physical traits and looked alike. Doris accepted an invitation and took Peter Venkman as his date. At 7:30 pm, Jennings unveiled the tapestry. However, Sir Bruce and Bruce's Bully Boys were freed from their prison. Bruce kidnapped Doris and kept her in the Special Exhibits Room with the tapestry. Bruce planned to trap Doris in the tapestry and have his Genevieve back. [3] [4] The transformation began to accelerate as the night went on. Egon and Peter opted to grab Doris and keep her far away from the tapestry. Once Bruce was trapped by the Ghostbusters, Doris was restored to normal. She had short term memory loss and wanted to see the Genevieve Tapestry again. The Ghostbusters ran after her.



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