The Ghost Actors are a trio of ghosts named Cadrin, Kathryn, and Joe[2][3][4] recruited to star in a movie.


Cadrin, Kathryn, and Joe are three ghosts among over a dozen that inhabit a reputed haunted house in New York. When MJN Studios filmed a horror movie titled "Horror House" in the house, Cadrin, Kathryn, and Joe procured a shooting script. Annoyed by its repetitive themes, they decided to lead the other ghosts to scare off the film crew. The Ghostbusters happened to be on set as movie consultants and busted the ghosts. Artie Grendel, the movie producer, was impressed by Cadrin, Kathryn, and Joe and offered them a hiding place. After everyone left, Grendel offered the ghosts jobs as movie actors. The ghosts plotted to get their revenge on the Ghostbusters and they agreed in exchange that Grendel would help them make a movie, "The End of the Ghostbusters."[5]

One month later, Grendel lured the Ghostbusters to a MJN Studios back lot where Cadrin, Kathryn, and Joe were waiting. They imprisoned the Ghostbusters and stole their Proton Packs. The Ghostbusters were helpless and were stuck in a deadly game of cat-and-mouse. Luckily, Ray Stantz remembered several famous movie actors filmed their movies there and saved the day by reversing polarity of the P.K.E. Meter. He used it to summon the ghosts of old movie heroes. The good ghosts freed the Ghostbusters and gave them back their equipment. They then busted the three ghosts for good.



The Real Ghostbusters


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