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The Ghost Attractant is a blend of ectoplasmic residue distilled to its base form and a chemical attractant created by Ron Alexander to flush out ghosts quicker during an investigation[1]


Inspired by a similar concoction used by his grandmother to hunt deer, Ron Alexander created his own attractant but for ghosts.[2] During a case at The Trask Hotel, Ron decided to try out his attractant to bring the Killer in Black to them rather than wait all night. Lou Kamaka was grossed out by the smell and reminded Ron he was a mediocre engineer not a mediocre biochemist. The Killer in Black appeared and attacked them. Rookie and Dani Shpak caught up to them and captured the ghost. Rookie hated the smell as well. Lou threatened Ron she would shoot him and make it look like an accident if he ever used it again. During the Connla incident, Ron used the attractant during a bust he participated in with Ray and Winston in New York City. At the conclusion of the bust, Winston threatened Ron to never use it around him again.


  • Rookie likened the smell of the attractant to a garbage fire someone tried to put out by urinating on it.


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