The Ghost Bride[1] was a result of a man wishing for a wife at a wishing well, which was in fact home of a Wishgiver ghost.


Based on Egon Spengler's experience, a Ghost Bride is a fairly common manifestation that has a repetitious behavior: the classic conjunctive ritual of ethereal subjugation or kissing its victim.[2] However, it is rare for this type of ghost to stray far from its originating source.[3]

In 1997, a man named Leonard Bates quit his career as a tax accountant and bought some property. On this land was a house and an old shed that contained a covered up well. Upon tossing in a coin and wishing for a wife, the Wishgiver within the well generated a Ghost Bride. It pursued Bates from the house into New York City and made up for long distance travel by going through mirrors and various reflective surfaces. Bates made it to the Firehouse and was placed under the Ghostbusters' protection. Eventually, the Ghost Bride arrived and tried to kiss Bates. The act of kissing its method of draining life force. But for this Ghost Bride, she was a mere conduit of sorts and fed the stolen essence to its creator, the Wishgiver.

Kylie Griffin used herself as bait and flirted with Bates. The infuriated Ghost Bride appeared and was trapped. However, once she was placed into the Containment Unit, another copy was made by the Wishgiver. The Ghostbusters arrived, took strategic positions, and proceeded to smash every piece of glass in the house, except one. Roland Jackson then shattered it once the Ghost Bride entered it but the P.K.E. Meter showed it was still there. Once the Bride reappeared, Roland reflected his gun's Proton Streams off the mirror shards and trapped the second Ghost Bride. The team then went outside to deal with the Wishgiver.

Powers and Abilities

The Ghost Bride can fly, has above average strength, is able to hide in mirrors and any other reflective objects, and drains the life force out of her victim. If neutralized before she drains the life force of a victim, the Wishgiver creates a copy, like being caught in a Trap. The only way to stop more Ghost Brides from being duplicated was to defeat the entity which created her, the Wishgiver.


A Ghost Bride is a Class 5 entity.[4]

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