The Ghost Busted Army are a group of ghosts who allied with Jack Hardemeyer to defeat the Ghostbusters once and for all.


Sometime after the Vigo incident, Jack Hardemeyer broke onto a Shandor Property condemned for demolition. Jack approached a group of well over six dozen ghosts and offered them a proposition. He unveiled schematics of the Ghostbusters' equipment. The ghosts agreed the Ghostbusters needed to be stopped. One of their brethren, Professor Harold Teplitz was consulted. He analyzed the schematics and inverted some of the processes to build specialized equipment that worked on Electron streams and stripped souls from human bodies. Once the equipment was constructed, Jack and the ghosts set out to ambush the Ghostbusters one by one.

On a Saturday, they ambushed Ray Stantz in an apartment complex located on Central Park West. A boy approached Ray to help bust the Monster Under the Bed ghost, who was part of the army. Ray trapped the ghost but Jack opened the Trap and the other ghosts neutralized Ray. On Tuesday afternoon, they ambushed Egon Spengler at the Teplitz Townhouse. After 11 am on Wednesday, they set a trap for Peter Venkman by calling in a complaint of a ghost who stole all the clothes from a 20 year old NYU student named Candi. Winston Zeddemore and Peter went to Candi's place at the 4:30 pm designated time and were ambushed. Peter was trapped but Winston managed to avoid capture. Several ghosts pursued him into the alley but Winston observed their solid packs. He targeted those then trapped several.

Winston then followed Jack back to the Shandor Property. He used a combination of guns from his military service and Particle Thrower to oppose the army inside. Eventually, Winston found the other Ghostbusters and freed them. They suited up and trapped the army one by one until all that was left was Professor Teplitz. Teplitz admitted he just wanted to continue his work but Egon trapped him.

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