Ghost Figure: Finger Pop Fiends an action figure which is part of Kenners The Real Ghostbusters Toy's line.

It was released in the American wave six with Green Ghost with Proton Pack and Fearsome Flush.

Interestingly enough, while the packaging for the toys doesn't suggest it, the "Action Toy Guide" for spring 1990 suggests that they are Mini Ghosts. Also on the back of American wave either cards the toys were pictured with Mini Ghosts: Mini Goopers, Mini Traps, and Mini Shooter (also Green Ghost with Proton Pack too). However, in the second case they are not actually noted as Mini Ghosts, just pictured with them.

Toy Description

Finger Pop Fiends

Front of Card Instruction

Squeeze These Ghosts And Send Them flying!

Back of Card Instruction

1. Squeeze Finger Pop Fiends foam between fingers to shoot.

Booklet Description

Description from Action Toy Guide 1990 Spring:
(Noted in the section Mini Ghosts) Squeeze the Finger Pop Fiends to send them flying up to six feet. Three ghosts in each package.

Variation Information

Table showing variants. To enlarge image Click Here.

Kenner for America made nine known variants of the toys, switching colors of foam and colors of plastic. The total known variants makes it twenty-seven different Finger Pop Fiend toys.


  • The term "Finger Pop" comes from a previously released toy made of foam called "Finger Pops", which were also released by Kenner in 1979.


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