"The prime motivator is a demon named W(h)at."

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The Ghost Fire Wall is a wall of ghosts that looks like fire but isn't.


On one Halloween, The Devil created a Ghost Fire Wall around Central Park to prevent the Ghostbusters from finding and trapping Stingy Jack. Firefighters were dispatched to deal with the wall. After water and chemical suppressants failed to do anything, the department called the Ghostbusters. They arrived hours later to the Glen Span Arch on West Drive, in the North Woods section. Kylie Griffin scanned the wall with the Ecto-Visors and realized it wasn't fire at all. Ray Stantz blasted the wall with positively charged Psychomagnotheric Slime. A hole was created, allowing the team to proceed into the park. Even after the Devil left the physical plane, the wall did not dematerialize. Ray was given the task of dissipating the entire wall with his Slime Blower.


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