The Ghost Kid [1] is a benign apparition of a boy.


At an undisclosed time, the Ghostbusters were called to a house in Brooklyn to deal with a haunting. They discovered the ghost was harmless, a child who liked to watch TV. The home owners elected to let the Ghost Kid stay if he promised to stop ordering Pay-per-view. [2]

A couple of years later, before Christmas, the ghost of Staff Sergeant Adams planned to get rid of the Ghostbusters starting with his old recruit Winston Zeddemore. Adams used the Ghost Kid as bait to draw Winston into a trap. The Ghost Kid appeared in the Firehouse garage bay pleading for help against someone who wanted to hurt him. Suddenly, an arm reached into the Firehouse and grabbed the Ghost Kid. While the Ghostbusters traced his signal, Adams disposed of the Ghost Kid. When asked what happened to the boy, Adams simply stated he was "gone" and attacked Winston.



IDW Comics


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