The Ghost Legion is a collective of dozens of ghosts who formed a symbiotic relationship with Michael Draverhaven.


Over the course of 10 years, Michael came to understand the language of ghosts and encountered a legion of ghosts who came to him in fear of the Ghostbusters. The speed at which they could capture ghosts scared them. The ghosts told Michael secrets of the universe, knowledge of the gods, and gave him intense power. An alliance was forged. Once the Ghostbusters were destroyed, the legion would take New York. Michael would have the rest of the world to remake as he saw fit. He learned how to control them and coordinate kinds of attacks they wouldn't otherwise be able to pull off. When the ghosts are controlled by Michael, they enter into a fugue state with abnormally low P.K.E. activity from having their ectoplasmic cortex overridden.

In 2004, Michael used a ghost to escape from his cell at the Albany Psychological Corrections Facility. After escaping, Michael sent the Subway Ghost, Smiley Ghost, Green Glutton Ghost, Purple Eel Ghost, Orange Octopus Ghost, and Red Four Arm Terror Ghost to haunt various locales. These haunts were aimed at luring the Ghostbusters into a confrontation so Michael could assess their moves and find any weaknesses.

Once Michael formulated a strategy, the legion descended on New York and attacked simultaneously. The Ghostbusters attempted to capture them one by one, but it was a trap. A Green Goblin Ghost used Michael's intel and destroyed a Trap just as it was deployed. The Ghostbusters fled the scene and tried to triangulate Ray's location through his cellphone signal. To stave off part of the Legion, Winston Zeddemore taped several Wireless Traps together and threw it out the back of Ecto-1. They tracked Ray to a hangar at the John F. Kennedy International Airport and continued to fight off the legion. Once some scaffolding fell on top of Michael, his link to the legion was severed. With nothing holding them in the hangar, they fled the area.

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