The Ghost Repeller [1] is a set of red ponchos formerly peddled by Jim Venkman as protection from the paranormal.


Jim Venkman capitalized on the success of the Ghostbusters and passed off regular red ponchos as a form of supernatural repellant. He believed since there were no laws about ghosts yet, he wasn't breaking the law. He advertised the Ghost Repellers as a product invented by the father of the chief Ghostbuster, Peter Venkman. Janine Melnitz returned to the Firehouse wearing one and implored the guys to read the poncho's tag. It read, "Venkman's Ghost Repellers." Peter was aghast and Egon Spengler worried they would be thrown in jail for fraud. Peter tested the poncho on Slimer and like a matador to a bull. It didn't affect Slimer at all. Jim, Peter's father, stepped in and Peter scolded him for the con. Peter emphasized he was still cheating people out of their money. Jim offered to cut them in on the profits and asked for their endorsement. Peter convinced Jim to promise to stop selling them.

Jim sold the Ghost Repellers in bulk to Dr. Mulch. He turn planned to outfit his crew with them and go on an expedition to investigate a recent sighting of the New Jersey Parallelogram. The repellers were delivered to Pier 70 one night. Applegon departed. Mulch's false confidence was soon exposed and the ship was absorbed by the Parallelogram. Three days later, Captain Koenig from the Coast Guard visited the Ghostbusters and asked them for help to rescue the Applegon. Peter tried to decline the request but Koenig uttered two words, "Ghost Repellers." Peter suddenly changed his mind. Jim heard about the Applegon's disappearance and realized the error of his ways then tried to help rescue the crew.



The Real Ghostbusters


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