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The Ghost Taser [1] is a personal defense prototype, against paranormal entities, invented by Egon Spengler and Ray Stantz.


At some point, Tiyah Clarke was given the Ghost Taser as a birthday gift from Ray Stantz. After their wedding, Winston Zeddemore and Tiyah retired to a room at the Waltz-Partington Hotel. A trio of Talking Pigeons heckled them outside their window and asked when the x-rated portion of the show was supposed to start. Winston asked Tiyah if she had the Taser with her. It appeared to have been put to use. Soon after, one of the pigeons was kept in a cage at the Firehouse for further study. However, after Tiamat erased the entire world's memory of Winston and Tiyah's entire history, except Winston's, one of the consequences was Tiyah never got the Ghost Taser.

Before the Ghostbusters entered the Louvre Museum via the Paris Catacombs, Ray lent the Ghost Taser to Lieutenant Philip Constantin. He ignored Ray's call of caution and tasered the ghost of Jean l'Ecorcheur. It reacted by animating the David, Mona Lisa, Venus de Milo, and Code of Hammurabi then returning to the Tuileries Garden. After "dispatching" the Animated Louvre Art, they pursued Jean into the garden. While the Ghostbusters distracted Jean with a frontal assault, Constantin made his way around to Jean's back and fired the taser at the Poveglian Artifact. It severed the bond and destroyed the artifact, allowing the Ghostbusters to trap Jean.


While essentially a taser for ghosts, it was made to be purely defensive in nature. [2]


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