Ghost Toasties is an adventure module written for the original Ghostbusters Role-Playing Game. The players' Ghostbusters have been chosen to represent the company at a convention for experts in the paranormal.

Back Summary

A 3-panel GM screen packaged with the first Ghostbusters adventure. Hagost, a South American agricultural deity, returns and is attempting to retrieve his lost life force, now stored in a crystal hidden in a packet of breakfast cereal.


Page numbers listed after characters name.

Jerome Westerbrook III (02)
Hagost The Horrible (02)
Fred Lunt (03)
Daphne Prevost (03)
Hoover Horror (03)
Howard Garriott (03)
Agnes Greer (06)
Jason Greer (06)
Louis Tully (06)
Ronald Reagan (06)
Possessed Executives (08)
Gigantic Demonic Muscular Arms (08)
Cross-rip (09)
Vast Psychic Influence (10)
Zap, Crinkle, and Bop (15)
The Quix Rabbit (15)
Cap'n Crackle (15)
The Cocoa Quips Koala (15)
Toucan Jack (15)
The Lucky Chomps Leprechaun (15)
Flakey Jake (15)
Mindless Slaves (18)
Barley Flake Vortex (22)


Crystal of Hagost (02)
Flakey Jake Barley Flakes (02)
Westerfoods Inc. (07)


Peru (02)
Candyland Dimension (02)
Yum-Mee Food Place (03)
Fritz Mondale Elementary School (07)
Greer House (07)



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