Ghost World [1] is a mental construct conjured and maintained by Karro Zans made to look like an amusement park with a supernatural theme. [2]


As part of an elaborate plot to possess all humans living in New York, Karro Zans created Ghost World. First, the Ghostbusters would be invited for a sneak preview and possessed. They would act as good will ambassadors to lure the Mayor and City Council. [3] [4] When they were all possessed, the general public would be invited for the grand opening. The park had a haunted house, castle, graveyard, mausoleum, and a boat ride involving a tunnel. Egon Spengler had Radios planted all over the park to distract Karro while Mrs. Spengler and Janine Melnitz exorcised the other Ghostbusters and Slimer. Once Karro was trapped, all of Ghost World vanished.


The Real Ghostbusters


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