Ghost World Possessors are thousands of ghosts gathered by Karro Zans to possess the humans of New York.[2]


Karro Zans came up with a plan to lure the Mayor, City Council, and later, all of New York to the Ghost World park where a legion of ghosts would possess them. Eventually, all of New York would be ruled by ghosts. To expedite the process, the Ghostbusters would be possessed first and used as good will ambassadors.[3] All of the Ghostbusters were possessed except for Egon Spengler. When the possessed Janine Melnitz didn't recognize Mrs. Spengler, Egon shown his flashlight on her while Mrs. Spengler trapped the ghost. Janine and Mrs. Spengler soon freed the others and trapped the ghosts possessing them.


The Real Ghostbusters


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