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Chapter 01, the beginning of the movie, features the death of Egon Spengler.


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The Sony logo and title card appeared first. Thunder clapped as the Columbia Pictures title card appeared next. The screen faded to black. The Bron Creative title card appeared and was followed by the Ghost Corps title sequence appears. Mooglie flew into the No Ghost logo. "Columbia Pictures Presents" and "In Association With Bron Creative" appeared last.

Late in the evening, a psychokinetic atmospheric disturbance churned above a mountain. Periodic lightning strikes occurred. Suddenly, crossed proton streams shot up at the disturbance.

Egon Spengler, now an older man in silhouette, speeding away from the mountain in a GMC utility truck. He drove over a bridge. A metal gate that read "Shandor Mining Co." and "Est 1927" came into view. He crashed through a locked chain link fence adorned with warning signs, danger signs, and a sign saying the bridge was closed. One side of the fence fell over. Something invisible rushed past. A Trap containing a captured entity was hidden under a sack to the side of Egon's seat. The red beacon indicating a successful capture sounded off. He turned left past Spinners Roller Hop in Summerville proper. He checked the Trap then covered it as he drove past farmland. An invisible entity attacked the side of the truck. The truck flipped over several times into a barley field and came to a stop upside down.

Egon hobbled out of the field with the Trap to a farmhouse. On the porch, he threw a lever on a column upwards and three silo capacitors nearby surged on. The ground hummed. Dirt vibrated. Egon held out the Trap. The invisible entity stepped out of the field. Each step the entity took could be seen on the dirt and heard. Egon stepped on a Trap pedal but the capacitors died out. He tried again several times but nothing happened. The entity growled. He ran into the house and dug through a drawer. He took out a P.K.E. Meter. It detected the entity. Sounds made by the entity were heard. The lights flickered off.

Egon placed the Trap into a secret space and sat down on an armchair. He tapped his boot. An ominous smoke billowed into the room behind him. A vague Terror Dog form manifested in the smoke right behind him. It was Zuul in her Sentinel Terror Dog form. He pressed a rear-side button and the P.K.E. Meter arms rose up into a taser setting. Terror Dog arms burst out of the chair and grabbed Egon.

Zuul yowled. A pink P.K.E. wisp shot out of the house. Egon's body was lifeless on the armchair. The P.K.E. Meter, now under the chair, registered the presence of an entity.

The Ghostbusters: Afterlife logo appeared.


  • For the opening of the movie, Cynthia Millar performed and recorded with the ondes Martenot from Abbey Road Studios in London. She previously performed with the instrument for the first movie.[1]
  • Jason Reitman asked Cynthia Miller what she could do with the ondes Martenot that was never done in the first movie. She went one full octave lower.[2]
  • Even noise was sampled from the original score's multi-track recording. At a loud enough volume, viewers can hear a noise floor shift.[3]
  • Bob Gunton was the primary actor who portrayed Egon Spengler in Ghostbusters: Afterlife.[4]
  • Greg Schlosser, a stunt driver, portrayed Egon in the opening scene when he drove the truck from the mine to the farm. He wore a sculpt done by Mitch Devane based on approved art done by Arjen Tuiten after Violet Ramis-Stiel visited the shop to look at his concepts.[5]
  • The entrance to the Shandor Mining Company was the Dorothy Ferry Bridge on Highway 848 that crosses Red Deer River in Drumheller.
  • The back of the Shandor Mining Truck indicates the brand is a GMC Ivanbuilt.
    • Ivanbuilt is a stand-in for Peterbilt.
    • Ivanbuilt refers to Ivan Reitman and "Built in 1946" references his birth year.
    • The die for the Ivan Reitman easter egg was made at Cornfield Customs then technician Pete Watkins pounded it out using old school techniques.[6]
  • There were only three left in existence of the truck bed chosen by Jason Reitman for Egon's Shandor Mining Company truck. The team made a replica based on pictures they could find. [7]
  • Parts of the Shandor truck have panels replicated with "Oh So Soft Aluminum" for the stunt. On cue, the technicians would trigger a hidden mechanism wirelessly to suck in the panel at the moment when Zuul is scripted to ram the side of the truck. At the same time, the stunt driver had to trigger the actuator system hidden inside the box on the right side of the truck body then the nitrogen arm under the truck performed the flip. They did light rehearsals to get the timing down but they had only one try to film the scene.[8][9][10][11][12]
  • The diner that the truck turns at, Spinners Roller Hop, was a set built in Beiseker, Alberta at the Apple Pie Diner and Gas Station.
  • The Farmhouse was built south of Calgary at Range Road 21A & 242 Avenue West, Foothills County, AB T0L 1W0, Canada.
  • Three of the location scouts independently logged the farmland that would eventually be used for the Farmhouse set.[13]
  • The farmland used for the Farmhouse set is mainly for canola crops.[14]
  • Everything at the Farmhouse was struck down and removed after production and returned to the way it was before production.[15]
  • Production designer Francois Audouy studied homes from "Psycho" to "Days of Heaven" for research in the making of the Farmhouse.[16]
  • An earlier concept design of the Farmhouse was more of a contemporary farmhouse.[17]
  • For locations like the Farmhouse, Bill Ives used a drone and did a couple of passes around the set location chosen then the images were uploaded into a computer and photogrammetry was done then set design was done in earnest.[18]
  • The antennas on top of the Farmhouse is a nod to the equipment on Ecto-1's roof rack.[19]
  • The Farmhouse was built from scratch twice, once in location in Calgary, Canada and on a sound stage.[20]
  • The production crew scouted dozens of farmhouses and barns in Alberta but they had either one great landscape, barn, or farmhouse and not all three. Eventually, they found a property with a beautiful knoll and great view up onto a ridge.[21]
  • The barn was 130 years old when it was found and it belonged to the Gibson family east of where the Farmhouse was built.[22][23]
  • The barn was found as is with a collapsed roof. The crew took it apart plank by plank. There was old lead paint peeling off so the team had to add a transparent paint to seal it up. A construction team in hazmat suits logged all the pieces of the barn and rebuilt it on the site chosen for the farmhouse which was a couple hours away. The team also had to add hidden structures to keep the barn struturally sound but still look decrepit.[24][25][26]
  • The glass used for the house was antique glass they bought, cut down to size, and laminated for safety.[27]
  • The wood used to build the house was brand new but it was theatrically painted to look old. Prefab took place months prior to the first day of filming at the Farmhouse set on location. Treatments were used to make it peel naturally.[28]
  • The lever for the Trap Field was moved at the last minute. A post was switched out to make it 4x4.[29]
  • The billowing smoke was a practical effect using dry ice.[30]
  • The P.K.E. Meter props in Afterlife were worked on by ISS.[31]
  • The original P.K.E. Meter props from the 1984 movie were 3-D scanned and the props used in Afterlife were made from those scans.[32]
  • Buttons on the P.K.E. Meter props in Afterlife can control the brightness and dimness of the lights and the animation on the screen.[33][34]
  • The arms on the P.K.E. Meter prop with the taser function swing up when the red button on the back is engaged.[35]
  • Zuul attacks Egon in a similar way she attacked Dana Barrett in the first movie with multiple arms popping out of the chair.
  • Arjen Tuiten, Special Make-Up & Live Acton Creature Effects Designer, puppeteered one of the Zuul arms. Tuiten's shop built the arms. There is more footage filmed of Zuul attacking Egon in the chair and is "quite violent."[36]
  • Zuul leaves the Farmhouse in the form of a pink energy wisp like when the ghosts are released from the Containment Unit in the first movie, Chapter 21: Out of Biz.


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