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Chapter 06 is about Gary, Podcast, and Phoebe trying to open the Trap and accidentally freeing Vinz Clortho.


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Gary Grooberson crouched down in front of Phoebe and Podcast. He asked them if the Trap was the real deal. Podcast immediately admitted it was. Phoebe answered it may be real and revealed she found it in her living room. Podcast added she lived on the Dirt Farm. Gary asked if that was the really spooky one. Podcast confirmed it was the one that said "dirt" on it. Phoebe asked what happened in New York.

Gary played a YouTube video titled "New York City Ghostbusters 1984" on his laptop for Phoebe and Podcast in the room where he conducted his seismic research. The video had 85, 517 views, 236 likes, and 14 dislikes. In the video, a woman clutching her young daughter ran out of 550 Central Park West with her son by her side. It switched to bystanders pointing up into the sky. Gary recounted how the whole city was freaking out then these physicists showed up with these portable proton accelerators and blew the roof off a Manhattan high-rise. The next clip showed Ecto-1 arriving at the scene. Peter Venkman stepped out of the front passenger side and greeted the crowd. Ray Stantz and Winston Zeddemore headed to the back of the car. Gary was still surprised nothing rang a bell with them. Phoebe pointed it happened 20 years before they were born. Podcast stated he believed it.

Egon Spengler's Proton Pack was put on his back. The clip shifted to after Gozer was defeated. Egon emerged from the building and hugged Janine Melnitz. People chanted for the Ghostbusters. Gary asked Phoebe if her father ever brought it up. Phoebe clarified was only with her mother. Gary remarked "cool" and went back to the Trap. Podcast pondered what he meant by that. Gary wondered if the Trap still worked. Podcast suggested they open it. Gary lit up at the thought of it.

The school bell rang. Gary applied the black jumper clamp to the Trap handle and the red jumper clamp behind the Trap on the hood of his car. There was a slight discharge. He picked up a pair of safety glasses and handed one to Phoebe. She was amused two millimeters of plastic eye protection was safe. Gary chuckled and called history safe. He walked to the driver window of a school bus. Podcast was in the driver's seat. Phoebe uncurled the Trap's line. Gary called geometry safe. He stated science was all particle accelerators and hydrogen bombs. He handed Podcast the other pair of safety glasses. He called science giving yourself the plague and gambling on the cure. Phoebe placed the trap pedal down between the two school buses then stood near the open door. She called science reckless. Gary exuberantly agreed. He called it punk rock and a safety pin through the nipple of academia. Podcast flinched at the thought of the latter. Gary instructed him to fire it up. Podcast started up the bus. The Trap cackled. Gary exhaled and stated he always wanted to do this.

Phoebe took cover behind the door. He stepped on the pedal. Nothing happened. They stared. He tapped the pedal twice more. Nothing. He held out his hand to tell Phoebe to stay put. He approached the Trap in anticipation. He tapped the Trap doors. It suddenly opened in a flash and an entity emerged. He fell on his back. The spectral Sentinel form of Vinz Clortho snarled then flew towards the Shandor Mine. Phoebe turned away as it passed by, shattering the windows on both buses. Vinz zipped over the field, through the bridge, past the fence, and past the tarp into the stone wall Podcast and Phoebe were looking at the day before. There was an orange glow in the cracks on the wall. Podcast was outside. He raised his arms in triumph and exclaimed "Yes!" Gary suggested them leave. He patted himself. Phoebe pointed out he was an adult. Gary added he was liable. He started to unclamp the Trap. Podcast asked Phoebe about the implications of what just happened. He placed his left hand on her right shoulder then stated her grandfather was a Ghostbuster. Phoebe stated she was aware then she took off her safety glasses. Gary paused at the front passenger side of his car holding the Trap and pedal.

Gary turned up the Farmhouse's driveway. He grimaced as he plucked a small piece of windshield from the frame. Podcast rested his arms and chin on the glove box.

Phoebe opened the front door and walked to the study. Podcast narrated into his boom mike. He noted the Farmhouse had a door and windows, like any ordinary house, but the distinct smell of evil was prominent. Gary asked him what he was doing. Podcast stated he was giving a little color and setting the mood. Gary found it creepy but dug it. They looked around in the study and were amazed. Podcast saw something and gasped. He picked it up. Gary looked over and told him it was an Aztec Death Whistle, designed to ward off evil spirits. He recalled it actually made a really horrifying sound then Podcast quickly blew into it. It indeed made a horrifying sound. Phoebe covered her ears with her hands. Callie walked into the room. Podcast finished. Callie asked what the hell that was. Podcast informed her it was an Aztec Death Whistle and asked if he could keep it. She allowed him to have it as long as he never used it again inside. She noticed Gary. They greeted each other. Callie noted he brought them. Gary stipulated it was a service he provided as an escort. She reacted. Gary understood that came out wrong. She agreed. Gary admitted he always kinda wondered what lurked inside the Farmhouse. Callie joked the only thing lurking inside was her slowly dying soul. Gary quipped that was what that smell was. Callie told him it was not dinner. Phoebe and Podcast stared at them in disbelief. Callie was about to offer something but Gary accepted before she could finish. She shook her head and admitted she had no food. Gary told her it was fine. She proposed a tour. They walked to the dining room. Podcast turned to Phoebe.

Podcast opened up Tobin's Spirit Guide to a page on water spirits and a full page black and white illustration of a wizard casting a spell over a cauldron. In the illustration, smoke seeped out of the cauldron and a winged entity was on its knees in front of the cauldron. Podcast was on Phoebe's bed. He shared his theory that Gary was trying to bone Callie. Phoebe was surprised and stared out into space. He asked if that bothered her. She stated it did but she exhibited emotions differently than everyone else did. She told him she was vomiting on the inside. He turned the page. There was a full page illustration of an upright Zuul in Sentinel form and a small illustration on the right hand page of a Terror Dog on all fours. Podcast paused and asked Phoebe if it was what they saw earlier. Phoebe came over and sat next to him. Podcast read the passage out loud, "The Sumerians believed in a land of the dead, a dark and shadowy realm within the bowels of the earth."

The tarps at the Shandor Mine flapped ominously in the wind.

Podcast continued, "The souls of the dead are ruled by a mighty god, Gozer--"

A glimpse of the stone wall came into view. Gozer and the Keymaster were visible.

Podcast continued, "--and protected by a powerful Gatekeeper and Keymaster, in order that Gozer might rise up and walk the human plane again. The Gatekeeper and Keymaster must assume the form of beasts." Phoebe wondered what they let out.


  • The Summerville Middle School was filmed at the W.G. Murdoch School at 1020 Mountain Avenue, Crossfield, Alberta T0M0S0, Canada.
  • Gary Grooberson refers to when the Ghostbusters blew up the roof of 550 Central Park West in the 1984 movie.
  • The clips in the video Grooberson shows Podcast and Phoebe are original dailies from the 1984 movie:
  • Gary remarking "cool" when he learns Callie is single mirrors when Peter remarks "good" when he learns Dana Barrett lives by herself in Chapter 10: Checking Out Dana.
  • Grooberson admits "I always wanted to do this," in reference to using a Ghost Trap. In the first movie, Peter had a similar line when he performed the 'the flowers are still standing' trick in Chapter 13: "Nice Shootin', Tex."
  • Early into writing the script, Jason Reitman reached out to Adam Savage, whom he is friends with, and asked for help in making one of the props for Ghostbusters: Afterlife. Savage suggested the Aztec Death Whistle and it was approved.[2]
  • François Audouy sent Savage a design for the Death Whistle then he sculpted it in Sculpey polymer clay.[3] Production called for the Death Whistle props to look like "rotted stone."[4] In 2019, over a couple of days, Adam Savage worked on seven Death Whistle props with Mythbusters Junior co-host Allie Weber. Three props are the hero version, two are for background shots, and two are for stunts.[5][6] He secretly signed them "A A" for "Adam and Allie." The poured urethane plastic into the mold and used a type of resin called instacast.[7][8][9] Savage used Forstner bits to drill out two holes in the whistle end, one in each eye, and one under the jaw of each prop.[10] They used a Dremel tool to round out the rough edges.[11] They used a simple spray nozzle and blow drier as they lightly dusted coats on the base tan color and applying washes. For the look of rotted stone, they created they weathered look from using brown shoe polish, a black and burnt umber wash for browns, and a little bit of oil paint then some acrylic washes.[12][13] A pounce bag consisting of jersey t-shirt material filled with Fuller's earth was used to dirty up the props.[14] Savage used a special orange case made for the props and hand delivered them to Jason Reitman at the exterior Farmhouse set in Canada during principal photography.
  • The Farmhouse was built on location was south of Calgary at Range Road 21A & 242 Avenue West, Foothills County, AB T0L 1W0, Canada.
  • Paul Rudd and Carrie Coon improvised their characters' flirtation after Gary and Callie meet in the Farmhouse.[15]
  • The version of Tobin's Spirit Guide that appears in the movie is a first edition.[16]
  • The design of the Tobin's Spirit Guide prop was inspired by old first edition leather bound books in rare book collections.[17]
  • In addition to the Gozer pages, there were pages about ghost classifications.[18]
  • Marie Massolin hand drew the Tobin's Spirit Guide cover art.[19]
  • Creature designer Brynn Mettheney hand drew the Sentinel and Terror Dog engravings in Tobin's Spirit Guide.[20]
    • The only time the "Sentinel" term is used on the movie is a caption under the full page image.
  • A traditional book binder was engaged to manufacture the Tobin's Spirit Guide prop, complete with a stamped leather and gold-leafed cover.[21]
  • Phoebe's bedroom is in the Farmhouse built inside the Calgary Film Centre. As was the Shandor mine scene.
  • Podcast and Phoebe look through a copy of Tobin's Spirit Guide, referenced in the first movie. There are illustrations of Terror Dogs, and Podcast reads a passage that mentions the Sumerians, Gozer, the Gatekeeper, and the Keymaster.
  • The first entry Podcast opens the book on is about water spirits.
    • The text is taken from "Encyclopædia of Superstitions, Folklore, and the Occult Sciences of the World Volume II", Chapter XVII, The Sea, pages 1073 to 1074.
  • The passage Podcast reads from has a reference to the "Trick of Mecone" from Greek mythology when Prometheus tricked Zeus for the benefit of mankind.
  • The passage Podcast reads refers to the Sumerians believing in a land of the dead. In Sumerian mythology, this realm was named Kur. It was said to be a dark and dreary cavern located deep underground where "a shadowy version of life on earth" existed. Some interpretations also refer to it as a desert. The dead did not have to undergo final judgment, nor were they punished nor rewarded for their deeds in life. They all ended up in the same place. The dead's quality of existence in Kur was determined by their conditions of burial. The ruler of Kur was the goddess Ereshkigal, who lived in the palace Ganzir.


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