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Chapter 07 centers on Phoebe discovering Egon's underground laboratory and working a Proton Pack.


Listed as they appear in film.




"Can You Get To That" played. Trevor crouched down in the Spinners Roller Hop kitchen and lifted up a black mat with gloves on. Lucky crouched down near the doorway and remarked at the sight of the mat. He asked if it was ever cleaned. Lucky stated she never did then informed him they were all heading up to "the mountain." Trevor stood up. She asked him if he was coming, too.

Several of the teenagers employed at Spinners sat in the cargo bed of an old Ford Ranchero. The others followed in a pick up truck. Trevor laughed. Lucky smiled. Rufus, Zahk, and Swayze laughed. They drove to the top of a mountain and circled around a mine elevator. The teens piled out. Rufus concluded rivers were basically like the moms of canyons when you think about it. He playfully punched Trevor in the right arm. Lucky threw on a hoodie. Zahk picked up a rock and chucked it. Trevor went on the mine elevator and sat across from Lucky. He sighed.They chuckled awkwardly. He asked her why she brought him along. Lucky replied it was for entertainment value then asked if he could juggle. Trevor was startled by a gunshot. Rufus laughed. Someone remarked it was not funny. Lucky asked Trevor what he was doing in Summerville. Trevor contemplated his answer briefly and simply told her everything: his family was broke, they just got evicted, and the only thing that was left in their name was a creepy, old farmouse his grandfather left them in the middle of nowhere. She nodded. He meant no offense. Lucky clarified she was not offended and confirmed Summerville was a dump. He inquired why she lived in Summerville if that was so. She revealed she was fourth generation in her family to live in the town. He asked her if she would ever leave. She shook her head and asked what that said about her if she never did. Trevor quipped it meant she had no car. She laughed. The elevator suddenly began to shake. They hopped out onto the mountain and looked down the shaft. There was a growl. The other teenagers heard it. Trevor asked what that was. Lucky had no idea. The other teenagers gathered around. A spectral face formed down in shaft. They heard it say, "Gozer." A teenager asked what that was. An orange P.K.E. wisp shot out of the shaft. Bunny fell on her butt. Zahk was beside himself. There was silence then they started laughing.

Gary was confused and picked up an ancient looking map. Callie informed him it was a map. He laughed then elaborated that it was written in some kind of ancient cuneiform yet it was clearly a map of Summerville. Callie pointed out the obvious, that made no sense. He agreed, especially since Summerville was not even a hundred years old and the cuneiform was from thousands of years ago. Callie concluded that was the language Egon spoke for all she knew. Gary was put off by her disinterest and called it incredible, bizarre, and fascinating. He asked if he could have it. Callie obliged him, called him a weirdo and warned him that was how it always started. She teased there was a map first then you move into a haunted house and everyone calls you the Dirt Farmer. Gary smiled. He asked if Phoebe would want anything in the pile. Callie mused Phoebe would find something.

Phoebe walked around outside with the P.K.E. Meter. She followed a reading. She saw Callie inside. Callie laughed. Phoebe continued on towards a shed. She opened the dilapidated door. It creaked as it hit the side of the shed. There was a fire pole inside. She tucked the P.K.E. Meter in the back of her pants, exhaled, and rode the pole down. The room was dark. She got the P.K.E. Meter out and called out. Lights started turning on. It looked like an underground laboratory. There was a shelf with spores, molds, and fungus in petri dishes and glass jars. She looked at them. She heard a click and turned. There was a locker. She opened it and found four tan flightsuits. She noticed a name patch on one read "SPENGLER" on the front. She reached into the left chest pocket and found a crumpled Crunch Bar wrapper. She found a pair of glasses in the right chest pocket. She placed them in front of hers and it was about the same size and shape. A screen turned on. She gasped. There was a model of the Farmhouse and property on a table. On another, there was an unfinished Proton Pack. She sat down in front of it. The lamp moved on its own, shone at her face then at the pack. It was Egon making contact again. She took off the cyclotron cover with her hands and flipped it over. She looked at the capacitors inside and noticed two of the CRT Emitters were missing. A drawer shot open. Phoebe thanked him.

She installed the emitters one at a time by hand then set the cover aside. She took out the mini-cyclotron and wondered how on earth he built such a small version. The lamp head shined its light on wall. Around 12 framed diplomas were up on that wall. Phoebe understood how, he was a genius. She asked for needle-nose pliers. The lamp head shined on a pair on the table. Phoebe grabbed them off a magnet.


  • Spinners Roller Hop was a set built at at First Avenue and Sixth Street in Beiseker, Alberta at the former Apple Pie Diner and Gas Station.
  • "Can You Get To That" plays 38:30 starting when Trevor examines the dirty mat to when Lucky and friends take Trevor to the mountain, enters the mining property in trucks, and ascends the hill to the mine elevator.
  • The scene of Trevor joining Lucky and her friends after work was longer and was akin to a "Boogie Nights" one take shot.[1]
  • The drive to the Shandor mine was filmed at Horsethief Canyon in Drumheller.[2] It is about 17 minutes north of Drumheller. A false ramp was placed on the road when they drive up.
  • The mine shaft built on the top of the mountain was only 6 feet deep in reality.[3]
  • In the first domestic trailer, the P.K.E. stream that shoots up the mine elevator was green. By the second trailer, it was changed to orange.
  • The mine shaft entrance and elevator was added to the set location. It has since been removed and the hole filled back in.
  • Lucky reveals her family has lived in Summerville for four generations.
  • The teenagers looking down the shaft and seeing a figure say "Gozer" mirrors the first movie, Chapter 7: Fried Eggs & Zuul, when Dana Barrett looked in her refrigerator and sees a Terror Dog say "Zuul".
  • The ancient map that Grooberson notices while inside the Farmhouse first appeared off-screen as supplemental material with a tie-in merchandise release of Reebok shoes in November 2020.[4]
  • Gary notes Summerville isn't even a hundred years old, implying it was founded after 1921.
  • The pattern on Phoebe's maroon shirt are all the shapes on the Zener cards, the same used by Peter Venkman for his research at the start of the first movie, Chapter 2: Shock the Nerd.
  • The Farmhouse's shed was built from repurposed wood in the acquisition of the barn.[5]
  • When Phoebe slides down the fire pole to the underground laboratory, re-recording mixer Will Files reused the sound of when Ray Stantz slides down the fire pole in the original movie, Chapter 5: Fixer-Upper.[6]
  • The underground lab was built on the Studio 3 sound stage at the Calgary Film Centre.[7]
  • The underground lab set is actually two steel sea containers welded together.[8]
  • To populate the underground lab set, Paul Healy used screen grabs from the original movies, secret eBay accounts, and secretly got advice and assistance on Ghostbusters fan sites, forums, and threads.[9][10]
  • The Aura Video-Analyzer helmet was a replica. After Paul Healy commissioned the replica, he found the right colander for the prop.[11]
  • The various specimens references Egon's hobby of collecting spores, mold and fungus he mentioned in Chapter 8: "Bug-Eyes Thing".
  • Egon's Stethoscope earphones from the library scenes in the first movie, Chapter 3: "Get Her!", appear on the stack of objects.
  • The locker door has a maid door sign seen at the Weaver Hall lab's door in the first movie, Chapter 2: Shock the Nerd.
  • To Phoebe's left, when she opens the locker, there is a Slinky. It disappears in one shot, then reappears in the next.
  • The flightsuits were replicated from the originals down to the small details like the knife pocket being above the seam, using fewer stitches for the patch, using a machine to sew the patches, and matching a repair above the right thumb of Mooglie.[12][13]
  • Phoebe finds a Crunch bar in chest pocket of a flightsuit. In the first movie, Chapter 4: Terminated, Peter gave a Crunch bar to Egon after their encounter with the Library ghost.
  • The patches for the flightsuits in Ghostbusters: Afterlife were done by a local company in Calgary.[14]
  • Janine's whale paperweight from the first movie is on top of the old computer.
  • There is a box of Cheez-Its on the desk. Egon ate some after Dana's interview in the first movie, Chapter 9: The 1st Customer.
  • The Medrad Mark IV Angiographic Injector Injection System is near the table. It was rolled out by a mover in the first movie when Peter, Ray, and Egon are fired from Columbia University in Chapter 4: Terminated.
  • The original Proton Pack used by Harold Ramis in the first movie was Lidar-scanned then rebuilt down to the millimeter and aged.[15] Ramis's daughter Violet Ramis-Stiel accompanied Jason Reitman and the crew when they went to Sony's archives to scan the prop. She tried on the prop and started to well up.[16]
  • For budgetary and logistical reasons, the A.L.I.C.E. frames used for the Proton Pack props were knock-off versions bought from the same manufacturing stock run.[17]
  • Seven Proton Pack props were made for Ghostbusters: Afterlife.[18]
  • Some Proton Pack props were made on fly on set during filming of Ghostbusters: Afterlife.[19]
  • Ivan Reitman read a draft and commented Egon wasn't funny enough in the underground lab scene with Phoebe. Jason Reitman and Gil Kenan came up with the joke of Egon pointing the lamp at his framed diplomas.[20]
  • The Ghost Sniffer and Giga meter make a brief cameo in front of the wall where the framed diplomas are.
  • Paul Healy could not locate a Bacharach Sniffer 300 nor a replica so he got real parts from six different sources and made one himself.[21][22]
  • Initially, a puppeteer was manipulating the lamp with rods but needing better comedic pacing, Jason Reitman told him to just grab it with his hand and move it and they would digitally paint him out.[23]
  • Jason Reitman's original idea for Phoebe entailed a girl was in a corn field. She fired her Particle Thrower into the corn and it popped into popcorn. She ate the popcorn and smiled.[24] The popcorn flies up in the air, the girl catches it and eats it. The scene was filmed but it couldn't be quite pulled off so it was cut out of the movie.[25] There was an attempt to adapt the idea into a scene but it couldn't be pulled off and the scene was deleted.[26]


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