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Chapter 08 features the Proton Pack test and the first encounter with Muncher.


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Phoebe used the needle-nose pliers on the inside of the Proton Pack.

Phoebe ate from a bowl of popcorn in her bedroom while she watched the original Ghostbusters commercial on a laptop It was titled "Old Ghostbusters As (1984)" and had 194,807 views.

In the commercial Ray Stantz asked, "Are you troubled by strange noises in the middle of the night?" Ray stepped back to his mark. Egon Spengler stepped forward to his mark and asked, "Do you experience feelings of dread in your basement or attic?" He stepped back to his original mark. Peter Venkman stepped forward and asked, "Have you or any of your family ever seen a spook, specter or ghost?" Ray continued, "If the answer is yes, then don't wait another minute. Pick up your phone and call the professionals." In unison, they said, "Ghostbusters." "GHOSTBUSTERS 555-2368" flashed on the screen. Ray said, "Our courteous and efficient staff is on call twenty-four hours a day to serve all your supernatural elimination needs." Peter, Ray, and Egon were instantly by the door and said in unison, "We're ready to believe you!

Callie walked in. Phoebe pushed the screen down. She noted Phoebe was still awake and asked what she was up to. Phoebe lied and replied she was doing experiments. Callie thought that was lame then noticed she found some popcorn. She sat down by her on the bed and took some popcorn. Phoebe asked what kind of scientist her grandfather was. Callie told her he was that kind that repelled love ones. Phoebe guessed a physicist. Callie revealed she was thinking of grabbing dinner with Gary the next day. Phoebe asked who Gary was. Callie clarified she was talking about her teacher Mr. Grooberson. Phoebe said his full name aloud and emphasized she was going on a date with "Gary Grooberson." Callie stipulated it was just dinner and bid her good night. She took some popcorn and walked out. Phoebe joked and told her not to be herself. Callie chuckled at the callback After she left, Phoebe opened up the laptop and wrote down the Ghostbusters' phone number.

The next day, Podcast set up some glass bottles. Phoebe worked on Proton Pack against a red wagon. They were at the abandoned Summerville Foundry. Podcast proclaimed, "Welcome to Rust City." Phoebe asked if the foundry was where the Shandor Mining Company processed all the raw selenium. Podcast presumed so. Phoebe used momentum from kicking her right leg up to get the Proton Pack on. Podcast thought the pack was cool but asked her how she fixed it since she was 12 years old. Phoebe admitted she kind of met her grandfather the night before and he showed her what to do. Podcast placed the Ecto Goggles over his head. He pushed it down over his eyes. Podcast immediately asked if he was howling and clanking chains. Phoebe thought that would have been weird if he did. She turned around so the pack faced Podcast and asked him to switch her on. Podcast looked around. He flipped a red breaker switch under the ion arm. The cyclotron churned on. Podcast backed away then walked to Phoebe's right. Podcast and Phoebe nodded to each other. Phoebe reached over her shoulder and tried to unholster the Particle Thrower. She got it on the second try. Podcast took out his boom mike. Phoebe pushed activate, flipped two switches on the right side of the thrower, then the barrel extended out. Phoebe stated "Safety's off."

Podcast narrated, "Her feet are planted. Her face is poised. Will this be the moment of her death? Nobody knows." Phoebe fired at the glass bottles. Podcast cheered her on. Some of the bottles flew off like fireworks. Podcast was floored. Phoebe backed up. Podcast holstered his boom mike. Podcast declared that was the best thing he ever saw. He snapped a photograph and it emerged from the left side of the goggles. He waved the Polaroid around. Phoebe asked if she hit it. Podcast pushed the goggles up in shock. He stated she destroyed it and it ceased to exist. He wanted to take his turn. They heard a weird sound. They looked around. Phoebe asked what it was. Podcast brushed it off as a pigeon and wanted the thrower. They heard the sound again. Phoebe wanted to investigate the source of the sound. Podcast followed her then went back to the red wagon and grabbed his backpack. Phoebe asked him if he was coming. Podcast assured her he was.

They entered the foundry. The door closed on them. Podcast made a note to come back for his Halloween episode. They saw a bite mark in a pipe with blue Ectoplasm dripping down. They kept going. They heard the sound again. Phoebe looked at Podcast. He shook his head "no." They kept going. More ectoplasm was dripping. They spied a ghost near the ceiling chomping on a pipe. Phoebe stated it was a ghost. Podcast asked her if she was just a little bit freaked out. She revealed overstimulation calmed her then she ran to a big pipe. Podcast took the goggles off and followed her. They made a sound. Muncher paused, looked around then continued eating metal. Phoebe peeked then ducked. Podcast got out the Aztec Death Whistle. He psyched himself. Phoebe asked him what that was for. Podcast stated he had a plan and stood up. Phoebe ordered him to wait but it was too late. He blew the whistle. Muncher looked up. Two deer outside looked up. A flock of birds flew away. Muncher spat metal projectiles at them. Podcast screamed. Phoebe stood and opened fire. He navigated the pipes and fled his eating spot. She stopped firing and told Podcast to get the Trap. Muncher peaked. She fired. She stopped. He peaked. She fired and wrangled him away from his hiding spot. Phoebe told Podcast to hurry. Podcast slid the Trap out but it fell and flipped upside down. Podcast exclaimed, "Nuggets!" He tried to pull the Trap back. Phoebe shouted to catch him. Muncher bit on the stream, got free, and flew out of the foundry. Phoebe adjusted her glasses.


  • Phoebe's bedroom is in the Farmhouse built inside the Calgary Film Centre.
  • Phoebe watches "Old Ghostbusters Ad (1984)" on a laptop in her bedroom. It is the commercial from the first movie, Chapter 7: Fried Eggs & Zuul.
    • However, based on text overlay, the version used was not the one in the first movie. It is a fan-edit of the commercial uploaded by "Core" on June 9, 2017. It was assembled using the text-free commercial outtakes from the PlayStation 3 version of Ghostbusters: The Video Game.
    • There are several videos on the side bar:
      • The Pink P.K.E. Streams flying through the New York City skyline after Walter Peck had the containment grid shut down in Chapter 21: Out of Biz.
      • The Ghostbusters ad.
      • The video titled "10 signs the government is run by Shandorians" by sutrab has a thumbnail that is actually a pullback of a shot from the first movie. There is an arrow pointing to effects crew in the lower right of the 550 Central Park West matte painting shot.
      • The video titled "The Ghostbusters: Where Are They Now?" by ParanormalWatch has a thumbnail taken from a candid on-set photo of Dan Aykroyd and Bill Murray from the first movie.
      • The shot used for when Slimer flying towards the camera at the end of the first movie, Chapter 28: Crossing Streams.
      • A Poodle dog dressed as the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man.
      • One video is "Proton Acceleration with Megan Amram" by Megan Amram.
      • One video is "Savage Science of the Proton Pack" by Adam's Savage's Tested. The thumbnail is of Adam wearing his Ghostbusters costume.
  • Callie mentions Gary Grooberson.
  • Callie's "it's just dinner" is similar to when Dana Barrett downplayed her date with Peter in Ghostbusters II, Chapter 19: Scaring the Straights.
  • Phoebe tells Callie not to be herself for the dinner, a callback to Phoebe's first day of school in Chapter 5.
  • Summerville Foundry was filmed at the Turner Valley Gas Plant in Calgary at Sunset Boulevard SE, Turner Valley, AB T0L 2A0.
  • Podcast welcomes her to "Rust City." Rust City was the working title of Afterlife.
  • Phoebe alludes to the Shandor Mining Company when she asks about the selenium.
  • Podcast reminds Phoebe she is 12 years old.
  • Phoebe tells Podcast she met her grandfather. This took place back in Chapter 7.
  • Podcasts asks if Egon's ghost banged walls and rattled chains, an allusion to Jacob Marley in "A Christmas Carol."
  • Phoebe tells Podcast to "switch me" like when Ray tells Egon in the Sedgewick Hotel elevator in the first movie, Chapter 11: We Got One!"
  • Phoebe testing the Proton Pack outside the Summerville Foundry was shot on day two of principal photography.[1]
  • Jason Reitman concluded, that based on the elevator scene in the first movie, Chapter 11, there was a switch under the ion arm of the Proton Pack to turn it on. That was incorporated into the Proton Pack props on Ghostbusters: Afterlife.[3]
  • When the Proton Packs arrived on the set, the on switch was discovered to be placed on the wrong spot. Holes were cut under the ion arms and the switches were put in their proper place. Peter White is credited with installing the switches at the last moment.[4] A tiny light switch was used and cut it down so the actual toggle looked like the switch breaker.[5]
  • Re-recording mixer Will Files took the digitized work tapes from the original movie and added new notes to make the Proton Pack Phoebe uses sound rusty and miscalibrated. In the cyclotron start up sequence, Files recorded an old railroad welding turbine from the 1800s while the Particle thrower and Proton Stream sound was processed and made to sound like it was spinning around.[6]
  • Eric Reich helped secure the right wiring harness for the Proton Pack prop in Ghostbusters: Afterlife.[7]
  • Ben Eadie added a remote control module in the Proton Pack prop to control the speed of the motor in the cyclotron. It was utilized for close up shots of the cyclotron starting up for the first time in the movie.[8][9][10][11]
  • Mckenna Grace couldn't hit the trigger on the thrower so an ad hoc trigger was built near the wood grip.[12]
  • The sound that the motor makes inside the Proton Pack prop's cyclotron was used in the movie.[13]
  • The Proton Pack being turned on was the first sound design made for the movie.[14]
  • Richard Begg's original sounds that were and weren't used were used for the Proton Pack start up sequence. The sound team carefully manipulated and stitched the unused sounds together. Then for the sound of the cyclotron spinning around, they created a doppler effect using software called Sound Particles. They fed a sound into it and the software created thousands of little sound particles.[15]
  • Logan Kim could barely see when he wore the Ecto Goggles during filming. He even hit Mckenna Grace's face by accident once.[16]
  • It is revealed a photographing function was added to the Ecto Goggles.
  • The camera used for the Ecto Goggles was the Fujifilm Instanx Mini 9 Instant Camera. The guts of the camera were stripped out then put into the Ecto Goggles prop. The frame holding the flash module that pops up was custom built.[17]
  • In the interior Foundry scene, Logan Kim slipped and fell. While everyone was alarmed, Mckenna Grace was the only person on set who started laughing. Kim started laughing soon after.[18]
  • Brynn Metheney worked on Muncher's design from February to May 2019.[19]
  • Brynn Metheney did hundreds of concept designs of Muncher.[20]
  • Jason Reitman initially described Muncher to Brynn Metheney as a "weird little bulldog-like coin purse" that could empty metal out of its body.[21]
  • Brynn Metheney's back story for Muncher was he is a desperate little ghost who could never be satiated with the amount of metal it gets and he was once a miner who couldn't get enough of the metal he was mining when he was alive. At one point, designs had Muncher with ten fingers on each hand, he was scarier, and grabbier. At some point visual effects supervisor Sheena Dugal gave Jason Reitman some reference photographs of the water bears and he was captivated. The Muncher design shifted to the water bear inspiration. Metheny rationalized the multiple arms were out of necessity so he could move around in confined environments.[22]
  • Arjen Tuiten did some concept art but the final Muncher design chosen was much different. Tuiten did later make foam latex skins of Muncher for the visual effects team to have reference for.[23][24]
  • Josh Gad voices Muncher. Gad bumped into Jason Reitman on the Sony lot and was asked if he wanted to come and voice a ghost. They went into the studio and recorded right away.[25]
  • Muncher is the same free floating class as Slimer.[26]
  • Muncher was also an attempt to get back to how the original Slimer was scary and angry in the first movie.[27]
  • Incidentally, on the Extreme Ghostbusters episode "Back in the Saddle, Part 1" which featured the new team teaming up with the original team, entailed ghosts that ate metal but had an ability to self-replicate when shot with proton streams.
  • The bit when Phoebe looks back at Podcast, and he gives the head shake was scripted.[28]
  • Armorer Ben Eadie suggested "Incoming!" be shouted when Muncher fires projectiles in the Foundry. Ivan Reitman liked the suggestion, they filmed it, but it wasn't used.[29][30][31]
  • The thrower for the Ecto-1's gunner seat pack was lost at the Turner Valley Gas Plant so Ben Eadie had to scramble. He removed a Particle Thrower from a Phoebe Proton Pack prop and taped it to the gunner seat prop. They then added the tape to every thrower hose for continuity.[32]


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