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Chapter 14 features Callie discovering the truth about her life.


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Callie looked at the back of the P.K.E. Meter. It registered an entity. She waves it to the right and it went dead. She waves it back to the left and it registered. Callie followed the reading to the shed and took the fire pole down into the laboratory. Lamps turned on. She walked over to a desk and picked up a photo frame. A lamp moved closer towards her. Egon was still communicating through objects only. She turned and looked at it. The lamp tilted up. She placed the frame down. It was of a girl in a white dress doing a ballet pose. She took a few steps and saw a wall with tons of photographs and notes about her. A newspaper clipping noted "Ms. Spengler" sold 10,000 boxes of Girl Scout cookies. The article was written by Joel Tobman, a Chicago freelance journalist. Another note read, "1987 Freckle count has doubled. Braces are next." Another note read, "Roadtrip '84' Must Research R.E.M." Another article clipping was about Callie with a #3 jersey on a woman's soccer team with a major/minor in English/Spanish/Psychology. It notes she was a four year letterwinner and co-captain and last season she was a second team All-OAC and third team All-Ohio pick. There were some high school photos of Callie running track. Another article was about a title being won. Another note had statistics: retention of 84%, fourth year graduation rate of 80%, domestic students of color of 21%, international student enrollment of 10%, ACT 25th-75th percentile, class rank 25th-75th percentile of 71% and 94%. Another note read, "Moving Day Dorm Room shows serious fatigue in all load bearing" Callie was moved. Zuul floated down into the laboratory in her mist-like Sentinel form. There were several baby photos of Callie. One note read "1983 Received my B-Day... Curious if subject is soldering iron" and another "198(?) First Snow Image has Strong Impact on my Pulse + Body Temperature Potential Frost Bite." There was a snarl. Callie turned her head. From the darkness, Zuul lunged and roared at her.

Phoebe looked up from the backseat of the Subaru Outback at the black cloud forming above the Shandor mine. Trevor was driving and Lucky was in the front passenger seat. Lucky and Trevor exchanged looks. Back at the Farmhouse, Phoebe ran in first and called out to Callie. Callie was sitting on the ripped armchair in the study. Phoebe got no response. Podcast walked inside. Without looking up at them, Callie whispered, "There is no Mom. There is only Zuul." Phoebe and Podcast exchanged looks and slowly stepped toward Callie. Phoebe asked her if she was okay. Callie's eyes were red. Zuul possessed her in the laboratory. She repeated, "There is no Mom. There is only Zuul." Zuul's demonic voice was heard then she started to breathe quickly. Trevor and Lucky ran in. Trevor wanted to know what was happening. Phoebe called to her again. Lucky asked if she was okay. The P.K.E. Meter registered. Phoebe and Podcast leaned in. Podcast got on his knees in front of her. Zuul got in his face and snarled then stroked the left side of his face. She asked him if was the Keymaster. Podcast had no idea. Phoebe was aghast. Podcast asked Phoebe what to do. Phoebe pulled at Zuul. Zuul snarled angrily. The taser setting suddenly activated on the P.K.E. Meter. Zuul quickly took cover behind the armchair. There was another earthquake.

The Wertheimer's Hardware owner looked up from his chair.

The Sheriff's office rumbled. An officer was on the phone. A timbit rolled away from the plate with a whole stack of them.

Gary, possessed by Vinz Clortho, used a pipe wrench to move a Proton Cannon's trajectory and destroyed one of the other cannons. Wisps flew out of the pit. The stone art of Gozer and the Terror Dogs cracked even more.

The Wertheimer's Hardware owner stood up and tried to stop wrenches and binders from dropping.

The stone art shattered and an orange beam shone through a hole.

The officer on the phone stood up and tried to keep the things on his desk from falling off. Someone behind him braced the black binders on the shelves behind him.

Patrons held the objects on their tables in Spinners as a server rolled over to a table.

A stairwell passed through the space where the stone art was. There was a throne in the center of it.

Zuul saw the atmospheric disturbance at the mine, snarled, and jumped through a window, shattering the glass. Phoebe yelled for her mother. She the P.K.E. Meter from Trevor and ran outside. Lucky asked what the hell was going on. Phoebe looked at "Dirt" on the barn. She went on her knees and dug with her hands. She pulled up a black wire. Podcast asked what it was. Phoebe realized the farm was really a trap.

People look up at the black clouds that suddenly formed above the town.

Podcast slid down into laboratory. He immediately picked up the Aura Video-Analyzer colander and put it on. Lucky came down next. Trevor was last and landed awkwardly. They each grabbed a flightsuit out of the locker starting with Phoebe, Trevor, Lucky, and then Podcast. Trevor sneaked a look at Lucky's black bra as she changed. Lucky saw. Trevor turned around and zipped up then replied "Nothing." Phoebe presided over a model of the Farmhouse property. It lit up. She stated it was what Egon was working on all those years. Trevor thought she was talking about the model. Lucky admitted the detail was amazing. Phoebe clarified Egon came to finish what the original Ghostbusters started. Lucky deduced she was alluding to trapping Gozer. Trevor realized that was what the dirt field was for. Phoebe confirmed their thoughts and pointed out the big silos acted as a capacitor. The model capacitors activated and shorted. They backed off. Trevor inquired what a capacitor was. Phoebe asked him if it would kill him to read. Trevor quipped if it would kill her just to tell him the answer. Phoebe explained that once activated, the silo towers could hold a charge for one moment tut in that one moment, they could power hundreds of Traps. Lucky asked the big question, how were they going to get Gozer into the field. Phoebe steered the conversation to Zuul and Vinz and explained Gozer needed both of them to exist on their plane. Podcast elaborated they both had to possess a human soul each. Trevor caught on that Zuul possessed Callie. Phoebe revealed they would then "unite formally." Trevor was not catching on, nor Lucky. Podcast shared they were thinking at least third base. Lucky cheered on Callie.

Vinz Clortho rested on the edge of a cliff. He looked up. Zuul walked towards him. She opened her shirt and threw it to her side. Her clothes morphed into a shiny dress. Vinz quickly got up and briskly walked to her. He complimented her eyes. Zuul spoke in dog gibberish. He thanked her, took the flower off his ear and offered it. She ate it. They embraced and dropped down to the ground.


  • There was more about Callie's backstory that streamlined.[1]
  • A framed photo reveals Callie took ballet in her youth.
  • An article reveals during her childhood in Chicago, Callie sold 10,000 boxes of Girl Scout cookies.
  • Photos from Coon's childhood and college years photos were used for the underground lab scene when Callie realizes Egon was keeping track of her life.[2]
  • Some photos show that Callie was on a track team in high school.
  • An article reveals Callie went to college in Ohio, had a major/minor in English/Spanish/Psychology, wore #3 on her jersey on a woman's soccer team, was a four year letterwinner and co-captain, and in one season she was a second team All-OAC and third team All-Ohio pick
  • One of Egon's notes amid Callie's photos notes her dorm room shows serious fatigue in all load bearing, callback to Egon's assessment of the Firehouse in Chapter 5: Fixer-Upper in the first movie.
  • At the 1:26:37 mark, left of Callie's left shoulder, there is a note card that lists Callie's second birthday in 1984. Thus, Callie was born in 1982.
  • Possessed Callie's line "There is no Mom, only Zuul" is a callback to the first movie, Chapter 19: Peter's Date with Zuul, when she possessed Dana Barrett and told Peter Venkman, "There is no Dana, only Zuul."
  • Possessed Callie breathes heavily just like possessed Dana did in bed when the Containment Unit was shut down in the first movie, Chapter 21: Out of Biz.
  • The Proton Cannon that was blown up was not one of the hero pack props and was made of mostly foam.[3]
  • Podcast puts on the Aura Video-Analyzer's colander helmet from the first movie, Chapter 20: Keymaster.
  • The Aura Video-Analyzer helmet was a replica. After Paul Healy commissioned the replica, he found the right colander for the prop.[4]
  • Different sizes of the Spengler flightsuit were made for Mckenna Grace and the stunt actors.[5]
  • The scene of Phoebe explaining to Trevor what a capacitor is was inspired by a time when Adam Savage once explained to Jason Reitman what a capacitor was. On the day of filming the scene, Reitman texted Savage to make sure that was the right way to say it. Savage texted back two different reads to use.[6][7]
  • Possessed Grooberson is lying down in a pose mirroring possessed Dana in the first movie, Chapter 25: Working the Crowd.
  • It is revealed Zuul materializes a shiny dress from her host's clothing, the dress being a callback to a similar outfit possessed Dana wore in the first movie, Chapter 19: Peter's Date with Zuul and on.


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