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Chapter 16 features the Ghostbusters joining the battle against Gozer.


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Ray Stantz, Peter Venkman, and Winston Zeddemore stepped out in their flight suits and had Proton Packs. He asked if it missed them. Three Mini-Pufts inside Ecto-1 were enamored with the Ghostbusters. Ray addressed Gozer and stated in the name of the county of Summerville, state of Oklahoma, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, all the members of Ducks Unlimited, and the Association for the Advancement of Retired Persons, he command it under the National Invasive Species Act to depart Earth immediately. Peter made a face. Winston side-eyed Peter. Peter applauded Ray. Winston mused Gozer remembered them. Gozer asked Ray if he was a god. Ray was speechless. Winston and Peter were beside themselves. Ray answered "Yes." Peter declared they were all gods and they were all pretty dang special. Gozer gestured the Terror Dogs to stand down as they snarled. Winston cut to the chase. They got out their throwers. They marveled at the sound of it turning on. Peter instructed them to shoot on the count of three but go on "two." They fired and hit Gozer then crossed their streams. Gozer clutched at the streams. Callie cheered. The Ghostbusters knew it was not over. Gozer uncrossed the streams then whipped them. The momentum launched the Ghostbusters into the air. They bounced hard off the side of Ecto-1. Phoebe asked if they were dead. Ray groaned he did not remember the job being so painful. Winston disagreed.

Peter began to stall. He told Gozer it had a lot of nerve, crawling back to him. He believed they could have been the most spectacular power couple: his sense of fun and its personality. Gozer walked past Callie and Phoebe. Peter rambled on about their non-existent break-up because it always had to vanquish and conquer and maim somebody. Winston aimed his thrower. Gozer zapped Winston's hand. Peter complimented Winston on the attempt and stated to Gozer they were finished. Gozer was shot in the back the head. It turned its head. Phoebe has the Proton Pack on. They fired at each other. The streams of energy collided. Callie was concerned for her daughter. Phoebe started to lose ground and was pushed backwards. Suddenly, an ethereal hand held the thrower with Phoebe and kept it steady. Callie was shocked. Egon's ghost had fully manifested Egon and Phoebe exchanged looks. She was in total shock. Ray, Peter, and Winston blasted Gozer, too. Phoebe and Egon inched their way to the Ghostbusters. Podcast picked up the P.K.E Meter and tasered a Mini-Puft apart. He starts tasering all the Pufts. The Mini-Pufts got scared and tried to run away. Trevor peeked inside. The guys looked at Egon in dismay. Podcast zapped more Mini-Pufts. A machine turned back on. Podcast declared they were back on.

Trevor took aim but looked at the capacitors and fired at them instead of Gozer. The Traps hummed back on. Callie noticed the Traps and ran up to the porch and stomped the pedal. The Traps all opened. The wisps and disturbance were pulled down to the Traps. Gozer was ripped apart. Souls that Gozer consumed were pulled out of its body and trapped, too. The remaining Mini-Pufts's essences were pulled in, too, and their bodies roasted in the process. The Terror Dogs fell to their stomachs. The Traps closed. The Ghostbusters and Phoebe switched off their throwers. Phoebe ran off. Winston was still speechless at the sight of Egon. Peter and Ray turned to Egon. Peter dryly joked he thought Egon might turn up. Egon turned to them. Ray apologized for not believing him. Egon nodded. Winston admitted he should have called and told Egon he missed him. Egon nodded.

Phoebe went on her knees and slowly moved a finger towards a Trap. Her finger was zapped. Callie grabbed Phoebe and hugged her very tightly. She told Callie she could not breathe. Peter came over to them and went down on one knee. He introduced himself and shook Phoebe's hand, thanking her for pitching in. Phoebe replied he was welcome. Peter liked her style and acknowledged Callie. Callie stated she was "Callie Spengler." Peter called Spengler a weird name and advised her to make the best of that. He declared they were going to have cocoa inside the house and some of them were having rum with it. Trevor ran over to the Terror Dog husks. He pulled the head off one. Gary's head was visible. Trevor asked him if he was okay. Gary noted his hands hurt from galloping. One of Lucky's hands emerged from the other husk. Trevor ran over and tried to pull the husk apart. Lucky emerged. Trevor told her he thought he lost her. He helped her up. Callie and Gary talked. Gary summarized that was weird. She agreed. Gary touched his head and realized he was bleeding but did not know why. Callie informed him he headbutted a park bench. Gary remembered. After some awkwardness, Gary tried to address that they had sex when they were possessed and opened the gates to hell. Callie pointed out they saved the world after.

Podcast stepped out of Ecto-1 covered in marshmallow residue. Ray asked him if he was all right and declared he just singlehandedly defeated a manifestation of Gozer. Podcast invited him on his podcast. Ray agreed and asked what the name of it was. Podcast revealed it was named "Mystical Tales of the Unknown Universe." Ray recognized the name and was surprised he was behind it. Podcast realized Ray was his one subscriber. Ray thought the podcast found its voice in the 46th episode. Winston touched the hood of Ecto-1 in dismay. He promised to take her home and get her all cleaned up. Trevor and Lucky slowly approached Egon. Lucky pushed him forward. Trevor greeted Egon. Egon placed his left hand on Trevor's right shoulder. They turned to Phoebe. Egon knelt down and parted her hair. She teared up. Egon turned to Callie. He stood up. She walked over. They looked at each other. Callie ran up and hugged him. He was relieved and hugged her back. Trevor placed his left hand on Phoebe's left shoulder. Lucky placed her left hand on Trevor's right shoulder. Winston and Ray were moved. A tear streamed down from Callie's right eye. Peter was moved. Egon peacefully dispersed. They all looked up into the sky.

One evening, Ecto-1 drove across the Brooklyn Bridge into New York City. The siren blared.

Dana Barrett held up the three wavy line Zener card. Peter Venkman was seated across from her. They are in their home in upstate New York. She asked him what the card was. Peter closed his eyes and concentrated. He saw two then firmly stated he saw three wavy lines. She revealed the card to him and found it amazing. Peter contended she was amazing with her ability to flood his psychic powers. Dana held up another card then brought up how she could not believe he used to shock his students. Peter admitted he only zapped the guys. Dana switched on the electro-shock machine he used back in 1984. Peter was hooked up to it and got zapped. He admitted he now knew it was flawed science. Dana asked him him if he was ready for the next card. Peter guessed a five-pointed star. She placed the card down in amazement and asked how he was doing it. Peter brought up the belief that true love imbues a subject with abilities. She zapped him again and asked him if he marked the cards. He denied it. She repeated the question. He nodded and admitted he did. She zapped him again. He recoiled in pain. Dana tapped the box on both sides and smiled. She declared the machine worked well.

Janine Melnitz met with Winston Zeddemore in his firm. She had the lucky coin she gave to Egon in 1984 before the Ghostbusters left to confront Gozer. Winston noted Egon was the brains, Ray was the heart, and Peter just kept it cool. Janine asked him who he was. Winston answered he was the sex appeal. She smiled and chuckled. Winston grinned. Janine noted he had done very well for himself. Winston reflected on his career and told her he did it for his children. He wanted to be an example of what was possible. Janine asked him if he was still covering the rent at Ray's bookshop. Winston still had hope Ray's Occult was going to turn a profit one of these days. She laughed and remembered the day he came into the Firehouse for a job. Winston admitted he came in looking for a steady paycheck but busting ghosts with the guys taught him not to be afraid because he had the tools and the talent. He revealed he started his business with one employee and grew it into a thriving global enterprise. He declared while he may be a businessman, he would always be a Ghostbuster.

Winston entered the rundown Firehouse through one of the inner doors and looked up a fire pole in the garage bay. The doors of the Firehouse opened up. Winston motioned the driver to drive Ecto-1 inside. He placed a hand on the hood. In the basement, a red light on the Containment Unit was blinking. It made an odd sound.

Mooglie is replaced in No Ghost logo by a Mini-Puft.


  • A second Farmhouse set was built in the Calgary Film Centre. For the third act, the Farmhouse double had be built on a stage to control the elements since it took place at night and to be able to film with the young actors who per schedule regulations were limited to filming until 9 or 10 pm. Corn was harvested in southern Alberta and added to the set.[1]
  • Half of the Farmhouse set was rebuilt on the sound stage and half was moved from one set to the other like the trees which were on metal plates. The barn was cut up with a chainsaw and set up on the sound stage.[2]
  • The corn and barley on the sound stage was real. They were harvested hundred of miles away then trucked in and attached to little grids or plywood that could be moved around.[3]
  • The sound stages used for the Farmhouse and Temple of Gozer were next door to each other.[4]
  • Bill Murray was easy to get into contact with through Ivan Reitman and Gil Kenan, both who have directed him in past projects. Murray read the script, enjoyed it, and agreed to join the cast.[5]
  • The finale on the Farmhouse stage set took just under three weeks to film.[6]
  • On Bill Murray's first day on set, he was in his trailer trying to get the TV working so he could watch a Chicago Cubs game.[7]
  • Bill Murray had a tendency to strip the props off once a scene was done. In one instance, he left his Proton Pack prop on the floor and it was kicked by a crew member by accident. Ben Eadie had to glue some pieces back on.[8]
  • On the day Bill Murray, Dan Aykroyd, and Ernie Hudson filmed together, the first shot was done in the morning and was the part where Gozer throws them into the side of Ecto-1.[9]
  • Bill Murray added variations on Peter's barrage of insults at Gozer. Only some ended in the theatrical version. Finn Wolfhard suggested Trevor should laugh to annoy Gozer even more but Jason Reitman urged him to keep playing it low-key.[10]
  • Olivia Wilde eventually broke character and laughed at Bill Murray's insults to Gozer.[11]
  • Jason Reitman advised Dan Aykroyd to join in and insult Gozer's godly aspects.[12]
  • Bill Murray made fun of Ernie Hudson for having a pad hidden under his spot on the dirt ground for the insult scene. Hudson quipped it was for the stunt man.[13]
  • Olivia Wilde sat with Ernie Hudson for lunch while still in her Gozer costume. Wilde, in her spiky exoskeleton bodysuit and Pazuzu makeup, approached the introverted Hudson in the food line.[14]
  • Ernie Hudson accidentally hit Bill Murray's head with his Particle Thrower prop after Jason Reitman called cut on the scene. It left a mark but Murray returned a few minutes later.[15]
  • Bill Murray gave armorer Ben Eadie a certificate for a free massage on the last day of shooting. It was in a balled up envelope so Eadie thought it was his copy of the script as usual. When it was time to take the props off Murray, Eadie thanked him and tried to return the envelope. Murray called him a dumb ass and told him it was a gift.[16][17]
  • The parts where Trevor was seated on the Gunner chair was done for about three days straight. Dirt was blown into Finn Wolfhard's face. When he blew his nose between takes, dirt came out of his nose.[18]
  • Peter refers to Gozer as "Flattop," a callback to the first movie when Ray says, "Aim for the flattop!"
  • Ray addresses Gozer to stop in a similar way he did in the first movie, Chapter 26: Gozer.
  • Ray mentions:
    • U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
    • Ducks Unlimited
    • The Association for the Advancement of Retired Persons
    • The National Invasive Species Act, made effective October 26, 1996
  • As a callback to the first movie, Chapter 26: Gozer, Gozer asks the Ghostbusters if they're gods.
  • One line Bill Murray improvised was right before the Ghostbusters fire at Gozer and Peter says "Count of three, go on two, one two blast."[19]
  • Peter stalls Gozer by rambling on much like with Vigo in Ghostbusters II, Chapter 26: Ghostbusters vs. Vigo.
  • After Phoebe shoots Gozer in the back of the head, there is a brief shot where Gozer has red eyes and when she's firing at Phoebe's Proton Stream.
  • Logan Kim lost his voice after filming the scene where he has to scream and taser Mini-Pufts in Ecto-1. Some marshmallow got flung into his eye.[20]
  • Jason Reitman knew very early on the ending of Afterlife would entail Ghost Egon. It took bleeding edge technology and the entire length of making the movie to accomplish it. Reitman didn't know it would be successful until the very end of the process.[21]
  • Bob Gunton did the performance capture for Egon's ghost.[22]
  • The process of creating Egon's ghost went to visual effects house MPC. They started in summer 2019 and took about two years to complete work.[23]
    • MPC didn't know they were working on Egon's ghost until a bit later after the project was awarded to them and they saw the artwork.[24]
    • MPC's work on Rachel in "Blade Runner: 2049" convinced Jason Reitman they could pull off Egon's ghost.[25]
    • MPC made sure every detail was worked on: Harold Ramis's likeness, poses, hair, glasses, and even prescription. They sent a successful insert to Reitman while he was filming in Canada. MPC would also be on set.[26]
    • MPC took the young photoreal version of Harold Ramis they made and slowly aged him to the age he would be in the movie as well as capture of Gunton, mainly his face. The main issues they had was getting Egon's hair right but to also make it feel like he was living on the farm for a long time.[27]
    • They also wrestled with how ghostly to make Egon.[28]
  • For filming Egon helping Phoebe, Ivan Reitman suited up and stood in for one shot for the late Harold Ramis.[29][30][31][32]
  • Incidentally, Egon was briefly turned into a ghost in the The Real Ghostbusters episode "Egon's Ghost" and was briefly killed off in the IDW Publishing comics "Ghostbusters: The Other Side" and years later in the Ghostbusters International story arc.
  • The props in the Trap Field are Spirit brand Ghost Traps. There were 198 of them.[33][34][35]
  • A team in Los Angeles and a team in Calgary worked on the Trap Field props. The LA team did the computer work. A DMX Lighting Controller was used to operate them.[36]
  • When the Trap field is activated, the Mini-Pufts look like when the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man was caught in the explosion from the Ghostbusters crossing the streams in Chapter 28: Crossing Streams.
  • One of Lucky's hands emerges first from the Zuul husk similar to the end of the first movie, Chapter 28: Crossing Streams, with Dana.
  • Gary somewhat recalls he had sex with Callie while they were possessed and she confirms it. In the first movie, there is a deleted scene "No, Louis!" where Louis Tully somewhat recalls it but Dana flat out denies it.
  • Podcast emerges from Ecto-1 covered in marshmallow residue much like three of the Ghostbusters at the end of the first movie, Chapter 28: Crossing Streams.
  • It took an hour to apply the marshmallow residue to Logan Kim. It was a substance with cornstarch in it. Some would be glued to his face. A separate Ecto Goggles prop was used that was covered in the substance. After awhile, it would harden like Jell-O and the flightsuit would get really most and uncomfortable.[37]
  • Podcast reveals the name of his podcast is "Mystical Tales of the Unknown Universe."
  • Ray reveals he is the lone subscriber to "Mystical Tales of the Unknown Universe."
  • When Winston takes in the wear on Ecto-1, his wedding band is visible.
  • After Egon disperses, there is a faint No-Ghost logo in the sky and dedication to the late Harold Ramis.
  • "Ghostbusters" plays prior to the end credits at 1:52:38.
  • The mid-credits tag between Peter and Dana took half a day to film. There was a script but it was unnecessary. Bill Murray improvised different takes of the scene.[38]
  • The Zener cards and Electro-Shock Generator were used by Peter in the first movie, Chapter 2: Shock the Nerd, against two volunteers for his research into the effect of negative reinforcement on ESP ability.
  • Peter admits to only shocking the male volunteers, seen in the first movie.
  • Mckenna Grace's single "Haunted House" plays after the mid-credits tag at 1:55:46.
  • Mckenna Grace wrote "Haunted House" in March 2021 and did not intend it to be in Ghostbusters: Afterlife. She sent the song to Jason Reitman to ask him to direct the music video. He asked to include it in the end credits for Afterlife.[39]
  • Only one element in the Busy deleted scene was used for the end tag and the rest were built. The background sounds they added in were filtered to make it feel more like the 1984 movie.[40][41]
  • The deleted scene from the first movie, "Busy" is effectively made canon in this end tag.
  • Winston mentions he has children.
  • Winston admits to covering the rent for Ray's Occult Books.
  • Janine recalls interviewing Winston, seen in the first movie, Chapter 14: Welcome Aboard.
  • Winston alludes to his steady paycheck quip in the first movie, Chapter 14: Welcome Aboard.
  • Winston quotes one of his lines from the first movie, Chapter 26: Gozer, when they thought they defeated Gozer, telling Janine "I had the tools and the talent."
  • The end tag was shot during the pandemic to complete an idea Jason Reitman had but couldn't fully realize during principle photography. He decided to shoot a couple things to augment the pieces he already had.[42]
  • The end tag was seen being filmed on August 11, 2021 at the Los Angeles Firehouse used in the original two movies. The Ecto-1 and Containment Unit were seen.[43]
  • Mooglie is replaced by a Mini-Puft in the No Ghost logo for the final shot in the movie.
    • In 2021, Jason Reitman approached Stuart Reeves to make the tongue in cheek version of the Icon Ghost using one of the Mini-Pufts for Ghostbusters: Afterlife.[44]


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  26. Yahoo! "The Wrap ‘Ghostbusters: Afterlife:’ How Egon Was Brought Back Through Cutting Edge VFX" 12/10/2021 Article reads: "Zelcs created a "checkpoint" for along the way - they were going to create a younger, photoreal version of Harold Ramis as he appeared in the original film. "They created a younger version of Harold and actually edited him into the 1984 'Ghostbusters' to prove that they could do it, so that you would watch the movie and not know whether you were watching a virtual Harold or the original Harold from the film," Reitman said. "We wanted to make sure we could match the original. Match his likeness, match his poses, match his hair, match his glasses. We were even looking at like trying to figure out the prescription of the glass," Zelcs said. The visual effects identified scenes from the original film that the digital Ramis could be easily dropped into. "There was one that was particularly successful and we sent it as just an insert of him, and just as a proof of concept that we could match original Egon," Zelcs said. They sent it to Reitman, who was shooting in Canada. "We would be on set, reviewing footage from 1984 Ghostbusters," Reitman said. It was seamless. The impossible was achieved. Almost."
  27. Yahoo! "The Wrap ‘Ghostbusters: Afterlife:’ How Egon Was Brought Back Through Cutting Edge VFX" 12/10/2021 Article reads: ""They took the young version of Harold that they had created and then slowly aged him to the age that he would've been in the movie," Reitman said. MPC used the footage featuring Gunton as a start. "From the neck down, it's him,” Zelcs said. They also utilized a scan of Gunton, looking at the facial muscles, the wrinkles and folds, the "tics and squints" that made his skin believable. Zelcs and the MPC team ran into an unexpected roadblock: Egon's hair. "His hair took a long time to get right," Zelcs said. "We got the Harold hair from the 1984 film. It was more about we were given a concept image of what they were aiming for, but it was a hand painted image. It was ambiguous." They wanted it to be reminiscent of the original Egon hairstyle, but it still had to evolve. "We wanted him to feel older and a bit wilder, because he's been living in the farm for so long. It had to be reminiscent of what the actor would be like at that age as well, but it was very much steered towards it needs to be Egon at that age"."
  28. Yahoo! "The Wrap ‘Ghostbusters: Afterlife:’ How Egon Was Brought Back Through Cutting Edge VFX" 12/10/2021 Article reads: "Another aspect the MPC team wrestled with: just how ghostly to make him. (In the final film he's classically ghost-like – glowing and semi-transparent.) "It was part of our task to refine the look. It's funny looking back at how they did the ghost effect in the 80s where it was filmed a separate element with different lighting, and then multiplied against a plate. There is also like a roughness to it, whereas with this, you want to see the detail," Zelcs said. "You don't want to hide too much behind a ghost effect." In other words, this new Egon had to stand on his own. "We were building it the best it could be and then however the final effect applied on top was decided, that would only add to it. It wouldn't be disguising what we've done," Zelcs said. Somehow the effect, glittery and ethereal, adds to the emotionality of the scene and of Egon's return."
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  36. Tested YouTube "Practical Special Effects of Ghostbusters: Afterlife!" 1:52-2:32 2/9/2022 Elia Popov says: "Believe it or not, it's actually not that bad because you already have the labor on the show so you have them already here and you know so Frosty and Ty here, they've been here since day one and basically got the props and they just started putting little actuators inside all of them with the LEDs and the red LEDs and then back in Los Angeles, we had a two-part team. We had a team in Los Angeles and a team here in Calgary and the Los Angeles team did all the computer work on the boards. We're running it off a DMX controller like a lighting controller and that's where all these boxes came in so we just--they did their end, we did our end and we got here, we met in the middle and plugged it all in and did a little tweaking and programming."
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  38. Den of Geek "Ghostbusters: Afterlife – Jason Reitman Finally Addresses the Biggest Spoilers in the Movie" 11/22/2021 Jason Reitman says: "We had a script for that scene. Apparently the script was unnecessary… That took half a day. Bill came into the movie with his own ideas, and they were brilliant. And I had grown up hearing the stories of Bill improvising, watching him do it live on-set. It was a thrill to watch him in real-time deliver dialogue that was far superior to anything I could’ve come up with in the couple of years of writing this movie. His brain crackles in a different way, and his voice is authentically his and has been so since we first met him. So to hear Venkman come to life in his voice again thrilled the crew, thrilled me, thrilled my Dad, and it made me want to get to editing a quickly as possible. A hundred percent. On every line of Bill's, there was an alternate that was just as good."
  39. KTLA " McKenna Grace talks about starring in ‘Ghostbusters: Afterlife’ and her new music " 2:00-2:12 11/23/2021 Mckenna Grace says: "I didn't write it for Ghostbusters. I had written it probably back in March and I just sent it to the director of Ghostbusters, Jason Reitman, to see if he would want to direct the music video and then somehow he ended up asking if he could put my song in the end credits of Ghostbusters."
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  41. Avid YouTube "VIP All Access — Ghostbusters: Afterlife — Film and Sound Editing Team" 27:14-27:23 12/9/2021 Will Files says: "There was one element that we stole from the original but no other but we couldn't find a piece long enough to do what we were trying to do that makes sense so we had to build it."
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  44. Stuart Reeves instagram 12/9/2021 Stuart Reeves says: "For me, there are few logos as iconic as 1984's "Ghostbusters". The design by Michael C Gross is simply stunning and has really stood the test of time. This year I was approached by Director Jason Reitman to create a new, tongue in cheek version of the logo for new movie "Ghostbusters: Afterlife" and I couldn’t have been more honoured...and terrified beyond the capacity for rational thought. The idea Jason and writer Gil Kenan had was to incorporate the adorable Mini Puft to replace "Mooglie" in a fun twist to end the new movie. A seemingly simple task which was deceptively difficult to get right. The original logo has no wasted lines, no excess details and I studied the use of line width in order to create an accurate replication of the original logo featuring the new character. The logo can now been seen at the end of the fantastic (and tear jerking!) "Ghostbusters: Afterlife", in theaters now."


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