Ghostbusters: Das Buch zum Film (translates to "Ghostbusters: The book about the movie") is a adaptation of the first film written by Jason Dark of "John Sinclair" fame.


This adaptation is known for being loose with a lot of creative license in the writing including: making Egon being sexual, Winston only the driver, and Gozer being described as "like a gay punk".

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Translated from the German release using Google.

Do you have problems with ghosts? Does a poltergeist wake you up at night? Do you get fear in your attic or in the basement?

If you can answer the questions with a yes, you are a case for Ghostbusters, New York's elite force against ghosts, spooks, and phantoms.

They do not do anything possible, only the impossible ... Ghostbusters - to the movie the book by Jason Dark


  • Geisterjäger im Wilden Westen was Jason Dark's first try at writing the novelization. Ultimately he made it it's own story and changed the names of characters in it.
  • On page 15, panel 1, of Ghostbusters International #4, the poster Ray looks at bears the phrase "Ils Arrivent Pour Sauver Le Monde" which appeared on the cover of the 1984 S.O.S. Fantomes novelization by Jason Dark.
  • The book Ghostbusters I+II includes this novelization as well as "Ghostbusters II", written by Ed Naha and translated by Jason Dark. It was released by Mohndruck Graphische Betriebe GmbH for Bertelsmann Club a book club.


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