Ghostbusters: The Board Game II is a board game developed by Cryptozoic Entertainment, based on various incarnations of the Ghostbusters Universe. Game illustrations were done by Dan Schoening and comic written by Erik Burnham. It is set for a May 2017 release for Kickstarter backers.

Base Game

Ghostbuster Tier

  • All the content from the base game, see above


  • 1x 50mm Grabber Ghost
  • Psychokinetic Surge! Pack 2x Free Event Cards and 8x Free Equipment Cards

Deluxe Game (Proton Slinger Tier)

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  • All the content from the Ghostbuster Tier, see above


Yeti Tier

  • Striker
  • Alex Vaux
  • Christopher Faulkner
  • Anthony Micari
  • Chris Wakukawa
  • David Fines
  • Dr. Vincent Abraham Belmont
  • Tyler Hicks
  • Colin McRavey
  • Tristan Boutros
  • Carl Killian
  • Rely Mariano

Retailer Game

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  • All the content from the Deluxe Game, see above


  • 6 copies of the Proton Slinger
  • 6 Retailer-exclusive 50mm "Vigo the Carpathian" miniatures with removable 100mm Dioramas


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  • ($25) Slimer Expansion
    • 1 Proton Pack Slimer Mini, 1 Slime Blower Slimer Mini, 5 Skeleton Crew Minis, 1 First Mate (50 mm) mini, 1 Captain Higgins (50 mm) Mini, 4 Double-Sided Map Tiles, 4 Ghost Cards/1 Player Card/4 Scenarios, 4 Equipment Cards/4 Event Cards, 2 Snap-On Colored Bases, and Tokens
  • ($25) Tully Expansion
    • 1 Proton Pack Louis Tully Mini, 1 Slime Blower Louis Tully Mini, 5 Titanic Ghosts Mini, 1 Theatre Ghost (50 mm) mini, 1 Giga Plazm (100 mm) Mini, 4 Double-Sided Map Tiles, 4 Ghost Cards/1 Player Card/4 Scenarios, 4 Equipment Cards/4 Event Cards, 2 Snap-On Colored Bases, and Tokens
  • ($15) Exclusive Vigo Variant Exclusive
    • 50 mm Vigo miniature with a removable 100 mm miniature diorama. You can even insert the painting tile from the base game into the diorama!
    • (KickStarter Exclusive)
  • ($100) Deluxe Resin Pack
  • ($15) Custom Sleeves
    • 100 Custom Sleeves for Equipment, Event, and Ooze Pile Cards with Unique Art from Dan Schoening for each card type
  • ($125) Additional Proton Slinger Tier Additional copy of the Deluxe Game with all stretch goals and bonuses that come with the Proton Slinger tier
    • (KickStarter Exclusive)
  • ($80) Additional Ghostbusters Tier
    • Additional Copy of the base game with everything that comes with the Ghostbuster Tier
  • ($50) Ghostbusters The Board Game
    • The original Board Game at an exclusive backer-appreciation price
  • ($60) Throwback Minis Pack
  • ($15) Collapsible Dice Tower
    • A flat collapsible construction that pops up and turns into a dice tower illustrated by Dan Schoening and masterfully designed by Zahary Hany of Four Faced Buddha
  • ($45) Get Real Pack
  • ($20) Peoplebusters Pack
    • 4 Peoplebusters figures, 4 double-sided cards, 4 double-sided map tiles featuring Boo York and Boo York Courtrooms, 8 PVP Cards, 1 Rule Sheet
  • ($100) Super Specter Pack
    • All unlocked content from Gimme Grabber and Psychokinetic Surge! social media goals and all unlocked stretch goal content.
  • ($15) Mighty Meeples: Ghostbusters Ecto-1 Collection Tin
    • 1" wooden versions of the four classic Ghostbusters, Slimer, and an over-sized Stay Puft Marshmallow Man
  • ($15) 12 Miniature Traps


Please see Ghostbusters: The Board Game Prototype and Development for information on Kickstarter Pledge Level, Add-Ons, Stretch Goals, Advertising, and Development


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