In Chapter 02 of Ghostbusters: The Return (novel), the boys come back to the firehouse after the Madison Square Garden bust. Venkman get sculled by Dana while the boys avoid it heading down to the basement to empty a trap. The Independent Party plot a plan to beat the mayor this election circle by running the one man making the one man making him look good, Peter Venkman. Meanwhile, Xanthador in Netherworld notes that he is going to amp up the attacks as humans are no fearing his minions he recently sent.





  • Stu references to newspapers New York Post and the Daily News.
  • Ted notes the following people to run against mayor Arnold Lapinski that Gary dissmissed:
    • Hallorian a former police chief
    • Mills
    • Welkowitz
  • The book notes it as the Ectomobile with a license plate "ECTO-1". To further confuse matters the Ectomobile also has two digital signs like the Ecto-1a from Ghostbusters. It is not clear if the name was changed back to Ecto-1 or retro-canon to the Ectomobile name mockery. The term Ectomobile comes from scripts for Ghostbusters and the soundtrack for the first movie.
  • Egon notes that he'll check Tobin's Spirit Guide later.
  • Peter yells "Loooooocy! I'm hoooome!" which is from the televistion show "I Love Lucy".
  • Peter makes up a fib about busting a "Giant ghost monster" on the Chrysler Building.
  • Dana notes that she is a cellist again for the New York Philharmonic at Avery Fisher Hall. In Ghostbusters II she noted that she had planned to return to playing again after Oscar was old enough.
  • Winston, Ray, and Egon noted going down to the containment unit to put away the recent ghosts in the trap. The containment unit had not been referred to in Ghostbusters II. This is the first time in Ghostbusters movie canon that the containment unit was noted in operation post shut down in the first movie.
  • Dana notes Peter forgot to take Oscar to the Museum of Natural History.
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