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Ghostbusters: The Video Game DS is the DS version of the Ghostbusters: The Video Game. It is also known for some differences from the other two version. It's unofficially being called "Stylized Portable Version".


The DS version of Ghostbusters: The Video Game uses the same stylized aesthetic as the Redfly Studios versions for the Nintendo Wii and Sony Playstation2 but was developed by Zen Studios. Rather than a third person chase camera perspective, the DS version uses a top-down perspective for most of the game. The story is the same as the other versions but the Ghostbusters receive side missions as well as story missions which they can use to boost the populace's opinion of them. Unlike the other versions in this there is no rookie character and the player takes control of the four original Ghostbusters one at a time while issuing commands to the other three. The money earned from missions can be used to buy new equipment and take part in the resource management aspect of the game. Also, between the game hub of the Firehouse & the missions, there are driving segments which uses a chase camera perspective where the player takes Ecto-1 from location to location, catching ghosts along the way.


Arrow Pad Up: Accelerate
Arrow Pad Left: Steer Left
Arrow Pad Right: Steer Right
Arrow Pad Down: Brake/Reverse
A: Interact
B: Activate Special Abilities
X: Toggle between Proton and Slime/ Turn Siren On or Off
Y: Toggle Overhead Map
L: Handbrake
R: PKE Meter/Handbrake
Stylus: Use either Proton Beam or Slime Gun/Interact/Fire Proton Turret on Ecto-1
Start: Pause
Select: View Objectives/ Turn Music On or Off
Stylus+L: Throw out Trap/Grab Trap


While this version shares the same plot, there are points where the plot is cut down.


Playable Character

Minor Characters

Villain Ghosts

Note the "*" after an entity's name indicates it appears on the Driving part of the game as an extra entity as well. A "#" after an entity's indicates that it doesn't appear in Tobin's Guide in the game.

Gameplay options/Upgrading Characters & Equipment

This section covers various upgrades.

  • For a list of Special Abilities that can be gained, go to the Skill Advancement Screen article.




Main Missions

Side Missions

Note that all Side Missions basically are based on Main Missions, so they are put on collective articles.



The game's controls have been singled out as having a steep learning curve. The graphics have received criticism for rough and blocky edges and poor animation. The game itself was poorly received, but praise has been given to the driving sections involving the Ecto-1b.

In-game Errors

  • Despite taking place in 1991, the streets of New York are full of modern ambulances and police cars.
  • The elevator can not be used by Dr. Rutherford, the Museum Curator in the Museum level. The Ghostbusters must take him and use the nonexistent stairs in the room south of where the curator was found. The stairs are found in the middle of the southernmost wall in said room. [1]


  • While the Fat Boy only appears in the DS version, concept art for the Realistic and Stylized versions of the game feature him. The concept art in the Realistic versions shows that the Fat Boy was at one point going to be included in the cemetery level.
  • Ilyssa Selwin is named "Ilyssa Shepard" in this version.
  • Ecto-1 is drivable.
  • The Rookie does not appear at all. Instead Egon, Ray, Peter, and Winston are playable.
  • On page eight of Ghostbusters: Get Real Issue #2, in panel 2, on Aura Video-Analyzer monitor is the city map from the game.


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