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Chapter 14 starts with Erin trying to get back to Chinatown to get her pack, while the rest of the team go searching for possessed Kevin.


Listed as they appear in film.




Erin ran down Walker Street towards Broadway shouting at people to get out of the city. There was a loud rumble everyone felt. Erin realized it was happening. People started gasping in front of the Episcopal Church at 48 Henry Street. Blue ghosts streaked around above them. People started running down the street in droves. Erin went past them in the opposite direction and paused near a cross walk. She saw the Mercado Hotel in the distance. The clouds looked like a maelstrom. The sky darkened. The Ley Lines glowed green throughout the city. Ghosts rose up from the sidewalk and flew up the face of the Mercado. Police cars, sirens blaring, drove down a street. Ghosts flew by. A Flasher Ghost flashed a couple but he was just a green skeleton. Droves of green rat ghosts flew out of the 50th Street subway entrance. A young woman shuddered. Dean Filmore sat at the bar inside Clark's Coffee. He turned to an old black man in a gray suit and joked City College must have just let out. On Filmore's left was a blue ghost wearing a Boston Red Sox uniform. The ghost exclaimed, "Yankees suck!" Filmore was scared and he ran away. The ghost wondered what he was doing in New York

The Zhu's garage door roses up, revealing Ecto-1. There was a close up of the license plate. Abby gave Holtzmann the greenlight. Holtzmann sat in the driver's seat. Abby was on the front passenger seat. Patty was in the back. Holtzmann slided her goggles down over her eyes. Patty was ready. Abby, Patty, and Holtzmann left Zhu's in Ecto-1.

A woman screamed. Erin ran down a street and stopped at a corner. She hailed a cab. The cabbie asked her where she was going. Erin wanted to go to Chinatown. The cabbie declined. It was one more block south than he wanted to go. Erin informed him those were actual ghosts flying around. The cabbie wasn't concerned. He noted they were all Class 5 floating vapors and nothing to worry about. Erin emphasized it was important. Cabbie stated he didn't go to Chinatown, he didn't drive wackos, and stated, "I ain't afraid of no ghosts." Erin tried to stop him but he drove away. She yelled out what he said was a double negative which meant he was afraid of ghosts. Erin realized she still had to go get her gear.

Ecto-1, siren blaring, drove under an overpass around 66 to 68 Broadway. They passed a bank and garage on 1745 Broadway, looking down towards West 55th Street. Then they drove past 572 8th Avenue, at the intersection with West 38th Street. Ecto-1 turned onto West 38th. Holtzmann declared they hit an impasse. Abby elected to clear a path. Holtzmann remarked it looked like her kitchen. Sabrett Hot Dog Carts blocked their path. There was a green glow coming from the one on the left. They slowly approached. The lid popped open. Slimer roared and scarfed more hot dogs. They gasped. Abby asked what the hell that thing was. Slimer turned and burped at them. They gasped. It flew towards them. They side stepped him. Slimer flew right into the driver's seat of Ecto-1. Abby and Patty yelled at him to stop. The engine started and Slimer reversed out. Abby was annoyed at Holtzmann for leaving the keys in the car. Slimer swung Ecto-1 into a parked car. Patty knew her uncle was going to be pissed. Slimer roared and the gas pedal was pushed down. He charged Ecto-1 towards them. Abby ordered everyone to light him up. Holtzmann interjected and revealed the equipment on the roof rack was basically a nuclear reactor. Patty cast her vote that they don't shoot at it. They gasped and jumped out of the way. Ecto-1 barreled past the carts. He rammed a fire hydrant. A geyser erupted. He rammed a light pole and drove on. The pole crashed down, narrowly avoiding a man running. Abby realized they gave a ghost a nuke and proposed they should probably run. Elsewhere, armed forces poured out of a military vehicle. Officer Jensen ordered everyone to move out. Police and soldiers took positions outside the Mercado Hotel and cocked their guns.

The H&M sign on the 4 Times Square building was sighted. The Ghostbusters ran past people and paused to look to West 38th Street and 6th Avenue. They saw a ghost balloon parade. Patty asked if Thanksgiving was like Halloween back in the 1920s because she thought that was a creepy-ass Macy's Parade. Abby admitted she was always kind of been attracted to husky men in hats. One of the balloons doubled back and peered at them. Holtzmann admitted she just made eye contact. Abby asked if she meant with the balloon. Holtzmann confirmed and added she looked straight down the barrel. The balloons chuckled and started floating towards them. Abby guessed they looked like chew toys to him. They blasted the balloons and they popped one by one as they slowly drifted towards them. They popped and puttered away. The last one was of the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man. It landed on and smothered them against the street. It chuckled. Abby groaned. Patty pointed out how absurd it was. Abby stated she couldn't reach her trigger. Holtzmann told them it was exactly how she pictured her death. Stay Puft deeply chuckled. A piercing sound was heard and it suddenly popped. Erin was behind it and revealed she used her Swiss Army Knife. Holtzmann yelled welcome then asked if she was shouting. Erin confirmed. Holtzmann yelled the balloon popped her ear. Patty high fived Erin. Abby announced it was time to go save the city and get their terrible receptionist back. They ran down past Canfora Street towards the Mercado Hotel.

The rumbling continued. Rowan/Kevin descended on the hotel marquee outside the Mercado. Agent Rorke wondered who the flying beefcake was. Rowan greeted them and wanted to see them dance. The Bee Gees' "You Should Be Dancing" played. Across the street was a PS4 ad and a Sephora store. On the right was a Levi's ad. A ticker in the center read, "Health Care Bill is Rejected. Cites Precedent in 1973 Gant Debate" and the ticker below read, "Report Medical Professionals Assisting New York Relief Effort." Officer Stevenson was in the crowd. Rorke told Hawkins to use their Proton Gun Vehicle. Hawkins realized it wasn't working. Rowan started dancing. The agents, soldiers, and police were forced to mimic his moves. Rowan thought it was going to be fun. He spotted the Ghostbusters running past the NYPD station. The police, soldiers, and agents were immobilized. Rowan clicked his tongue and remarked women were always late. He guessed they couldn't decide which dirty jumpsuit to wear. He decided to provide a proper New York welcome. He unleashed blue P.K.E. from his hands then welcomed them to the glory days of New York City. He told them to have fun and laughed. Times Square had advertisements for Blu-ray, Crackle, Revlon, Aladdin, and Jersey Boys. The Ring Leader ghost walked past them. There was a Papa John's ad then a "That's a big Twinkie" Hostess ad. Progressive, and Save the Children. The ads, store fronts, restaurants, and bars morphed into older ads, stores, restaurants, and bars from bygone eras. There was now an ad for "Taxi Driver". There was a poster for Boris Karloff in "Snake People".

Erin admitted she was never good in a fight. Abby believed her chance to work on that was coming up. Holtzmann reminded everyone they had Proton sidearms to use. Abby told everyone to power up. The Ghostbusters opened fire with their throwers on the ghosts that emerged from the P.K.E. mist. The Ring Leader growled. A ghost hurled a tomahawk. Patty yelled at Holtzmann to get down. Patty and Holtzmann landed on the street. The tomahawk struck the chest of another ghost. Abby wrangled it and hurled it into other ghosts. She called it a slap shot. Gertrude arrived. Erin fired at ghosts. Gertrude picked Erin up from behind and dropped her into the arms of a Ghost Pilgrim. Erin didn't find it to be very Puritan behavior. Abby armed a Proton Grenade and tosses it up at 7 seconds then tried to bat it with her thrower but missed. Abby kicked the grenade over. The grenade went off and neutralized the Ghost Pilgrim. Erin landed on her feet and shot the pilgrim back into the mist. Erin was happy she was getting the hang of it. Abby whooped but was grabbed by Mayhem in front of a Nathan's. Abby yelled she lost her glasses. She realized they were in her hand. Erin blasted Mayhem. Abby dropped on the hood of a car. She put on the Proton Glove and fought several ghosts. Erin batted with her thrower. Rowan was impressed.

Mayhem eyed Holtzmann. Patty holstered her thrower and got out the Ghost Chipper. Patty remarked it was chipping time and proclaimed he was getting what was coming to him for sitting on her. Mayhem was chipped. Erin sidestepped the remains that exited the Chipper. Holtzmann thanked Patty. A ghost shoved Patty into a van. The Ghost Chipper was stomped to pieces. Abby and Holtzmann chucked grenades at ghosts. Gertrude and Electrocuted Ghost charged. Erin got out her Proton Grenade Launcher and fired. They went flying backwards. The Ring Leader pointed and deeply growled. Ghosts charged out of the mist at Holtzmann. She holstered her Particle Thrower and twin Proton Pistols emerged from her pack. She licked one. The Ghostbusters theme played. Holtzmann battled several ghosts and took them down with the grace of a dancer. The Ring Leader advanced. She dispersed it before it could grab her. She released the pistols and they automatically went back into her pack like a seat belt being released. Holtzmann declared it just got Holtzmanned. Abby berated the ghosts. Erin told her to reel it in tighter and save her energy. Abby realized Erin "killed" a Pilgrim.


  • At the start of the chapter, Erin runs down Walker Street towards Broadway shouting.
  • When people start gasping, they are in front of the Episcopal Church at 48 Henry Street.
  • The next shot of Erin running past the people was filmed at 1 Oliver Street in Boston.[1]
  • In the shot of Erin looking towards the Mercado, she is looking down Milk Street in Boston, while standing at the intersection of Oliver Street and Kilby Street.
    • In the right foreground, "Harvard Vanguard Medical Associates" was not edited out.
  • Briefly in the Portal, a Terror dog statue can be seen floating.
  • There was push back from Sony executives about the Flasher Ghost being deemed offensive after they saw preliminary art depicting a demonic mouth and tongue replacing the private parts of the character. The preliminary art was never going to be used anyway.[2][3]
  • The scene of the ghosts running rampant - chasing police cars, the woman running from ghosts, and the Flasher Ghost - were filmed on or near Franklin Street in Boston's Financial District.
    • The police car and woman running was at Franklin and Pearl Street hinted by the blue signage.
    • The Flasher Ghost is on Oliver Street outside 265 Franklin Street in Boston, looking toward the intersection with Franklin.[4]
  • The Subway rat ghosts were worked on by effects house Iloura.[5]
  • The 50th Street subway entrance was a prop placed outside 125 High Street in Boston.[6]
    • That spot would be used later for a crowd shot exclusive to the theatrical cut.
  • Artist Kyle Brown came up with several rough sketches of ghosts for Times Square. The less risque version of the Flasher Ghost was chosen.[7]
  • Erin runs down an alley. This was filmed on Hawes Street in Boston then she runs up to Kilby Street. The cab is driving down toward Liberty Square.
  • In a rush to get back to Zhu's, Erin hails a taxi. The driver is portrayed by Dan Aykroyd.
    • He notes the ghosts he sees are just Class 5 vapors.
      • In the first movie, Ray classified Slimer as a Class 5 after the Ghostbusters trapped him.
    • He recites the classic line, "I ain't afraid of no ghost."
    • He appears to be dressed similarly as the Zombie Taxi Driver in the first movie
    • Initially, driver was going to be attacked by a ghost as he drove away but it was decided that was too terrible a thing to do to Aykroyd.[8]
    • There were comebacks for Erin to say like "That's a double negative!" in the extended edition but they were deleted because it was deemed they extended the scene too much.[9]
    • A discarded idea for Aykroyd was to play a spiritual adviser named Rick Gale but it was cut for pacing.[10]
  • Dan Aykroyd filmed his cameo on the night of July 13, 2015.[11][12][13]
  • Ecto-1 drives under an overpass around 66 to 68 Broadway. They pass a bank and garage on 1745 Broadway, looking down towards West 55th Street. It cuts to them driving near 572 8th Avenue, at the intersection with West 38th Street. Ecto-1 turns onto West 38th. Around the 1:25:08 mark, the blue Champion Parking sign in the upper right corner of the screen is seen.
  • The roadblock was filmed in front of 22 Batterymarch Street in Boston.
    • A sign hanging on a building on the right reads, "Dobins Square" in the movie whereas in real life it reads, "Liberty Square."
  • Holtzmann likens the mess of hot dog carts to her kitchen.[14]
  • Slimer makes a cameo initially eating from hot dog cart.
    • In the first movie, when Slimer is released from the Containment Unit, he ends up eating in a hot dog cart.
    • In both this movie and the first, Slimer is eating specifically from Sabrett Hot Dog carts.
  • Slimer is a fully articulated puppet augmented with special effects. The puppet was build and operated by Rick Lazzarini, who worked on ghosts for Ghostbusters II.[15][16]
  • The VFX teams at Sony Pictures Imageworks and MPC worked on Slimer.[17]
  • Effects added random bits of hair to Slimer in random places as well as an overabundant amount of slime so that it poured off Slimer's arms.[18]
  • Spotlighted in the iTunes-exclusive featurette "The Return of Slimer," Ronald Binion was the Slimer Puppeteer who wore the suit, Peter Epstein was the stuntman who performed the scenes with Slimer driving, and Adam Ray was the voice of Slimer.
  • Slimer car jacks Ecto-1. In Ghostbusters II, that canon's version of Slimer jacked a bus to help Louis Tully.
  • Slimer backs up Ecto-1 to Water Street.
  • Slimer guns it through the roadblock and passes Milk Street while hitting some lamp posts. The building on the right of this other shot has a blue awning that reads "Travers Hospital Medical Group, Otavia Health" in the movie and is "Harvard Vanguard Medical Associates, Atrius Health" in real life.
  • Patty refers to Uncle Bill.
  • After the soldiers and police arrive, there is an establishing shot of Manhattan. The H&M sign on the 4 Times Square building can seen. The Ghostbusters run past people and pause to look to West 38th Street and 6th Avenue and encounter the haunted Thanksgiving Day parade. In establishing shot, you can see the parade floats in the correct area of West 38th Street and 6th Avenue.[19]
  • The parade float encounter was filmed on Federal Street, at Franklin Street in Boston. This is evidenced by the Fidelity Investments logo on the building to the right in one shot. The floats initially march from Milk Street.
  • Patty refers to the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade.
  • The majority of the floats in the haunted Thanksgiving Day parade are based on actual floats from the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parades in the 1920s, 1930s, and 1940s.
    • Captain Nemo from 1929[20]
    • Papa, of the "Mama, Papa, and Baby" float, from 1931[21][22]
    • Dragon from 1937[23]
    • Two Acrobats (designed by Rudolf Lopez) from 1938[24]
    • Pinocchio from 1939[25]
    • Harold the Clown from 1941[26]
  • The last float in the haunted Thankgiving Day parade is based on the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man.
  • Abby admits she was always attracted to husky men in hats.[27]
    • The line is also a nod to "Mike and Molly", a television series that Melissa McCarthy was one of the leads and her character Molly was married to Mike, a husky police officer.
  • Holtzmann claims she pictured she would die by being smothered by a giant parade float. [28]
  • Erin quotes Holtzmann's line about the Swiss Army Knife from Chapter 11.
  • The reunited Ghostbusters run down Canfora Street towards the Mercado Hotel. It is a street made up for the movie rather than Broadway.
    • This was filmed in Boston. They ran down Franklin Street towards Congress Street.
  • Bee Gees' "You Should Be Dancing" when Rowan dances.
    • From this point on in the movie, filming was done at the set constructed at the Weymouth airfield.
  • Across the street from the Mercado is a PS4 ad and a Sephora store. On the right is a Levi's ad. A ticker in the center mentions a Health Care Bill is Rejected.
  • In a deleted scene, when Homeland Security shows up in front of the Mercado - Agent Hawkins would have had a line that referenced "Monty Python and the Holy Grail," "Alright, on the count of 1...2...5, fire!" However, the blast from the Proton Cannon made things worse and further energized the Mercado Hotel. A blast would have been shot back and destroyed the cannon.[29]
  • Officer Jensen's badge number is 48088.
  • Officer Jensen's collar pin indicates he is from the 27th precinct like Officer Stevenson.
  • The cut dance scene allegedly cost in the low seven figures and took up two full days of shooting, not including rehearsal time. It involved a choreographed dance number to The Bee Gees' "You Should Be Dancing." There were mixed responses from test audiences so it was cut but then added to the end credits in the theatrical version.[30] Ultimately, it was cut from the theatrical version because making the villain too funny at this point would remove the threat from him and affect the tone oddly.[31]
  • The Ring Leader Ghost was done by the previs company Halon Entertainment and it stuck around ever since. It was then used in one of the early trailers. Positive fan reaction led to the ghost being incorporated into the Times Square battle directing the other ghosts.[32][33]
  • When the Ring Leader Ghost first appears, there are Blu-ray, Crackle, Revlon, Aladdin, Jersey Boys ads, and Papa John's.
  • In the extended scene, behind the Homeland Security's forces are several posters advertising Sony-produced television series:
    • The Goldbergs
    • Black List
    • Shark Tank
    • Dr. Ken
    • Better Call Saul
  • The present day Times Square ads include
  • The past 70s Times Square ads include
    • Taxi Driver
    • Boris Karloff's Isle Of The Snake People
  • One of the movie theater displays is for "Welcome to the Other Side," a possible nod to when Peter remarks, "See ya on the other side, Ray" in the first movie.
  • The effects team recreated Times Square of the 1970s digitally using reference photos from the era.[34]
  • The battle of Times Square was shot on green screen in Boston. The actors portraying ghosts all wore LED tracking markers. They were many more ghosts planned to appear but it was scaled down in the final version of the movie.[35]
    • The Sony Pictures Imageworks (SPI) effects team removed the background actors and rotoscoped the Ghostbusters from the background completely. In the final version of the movie, everything but the actresses are digital.[36]
    • Most of the background actors were replaced with smoke. The SPI team had to employ a deep compositing pipeline and depth compositing approach.[37]
    • The battle scenes were filmed twice. It was first filmed with the stunt women on wire rigs. A couple days later, the scene was filmed with the actresses. The prop packs were replaced in post by the visual team.[38]
  • At the South Weymouth Naval Air Station set, Jones was thrown into a van repeatedly and McKinnon fell a lot.[39]
  • The Weymouth set in Boston recreated two and a half blocks of Times Square from 42nd Street to 44th Street. A section of actual frontage to the Mercado Hotel was also built. The set design crew paid attention to detail and did things like painted the real detail of crosswalks, used real streetlights, and used real planters. It was accurate enough that vehicles could drive around. Surrounding the set was 22 feet of green screen. Jefferson Sage and co. were able project "a blueprint" of the planned-for effects as a reasonable guide for the actors and crew to get down things like scale and lighting. Multiple teams worked on effects from September 2015 to June 2016. Sage and co. did research and made schematics for the digital team and also got permission to use more than what was seen in the movie.[40][41]
  • The Times Square battle started out as a stunt viz sequence created by stunt coordinator Walter Garcia. Working independent of production, Garcia produced an entire choreographed fight sequence with a stunt team, who became the four leads' stunt doubles, complete with effects done in Adobe After Effects. Paul Feig and visual effects supervisor Pete Travers were impressed but the battle was in the script at that point.[42]
  • In an earlier version of the script, the battle was a much smaller fight involving prohibition-era ghosts.[43]
  • The Times Square ghosts are basically the people who died in various eras in the last few hundred years.[44]
  • The first ghost fought was inspired by Bowery Boys leader, William "Bill the Butcher" Poole.[45]
  • Abby is grabbed by Mayhem in front of a Nathan's. There is a Coca Cola sign, too.
  • The car that Abby is dropped onto during the Times Square fight is the Rambler Melissa McCarthy's character in "The Heat" owned.[46]
  • The Times Square battle accounted for almost half the total number of shots that Sony Pictures Imageworks completed for the movie.[47]
  • The fight was four and a half minutes at one point in production. But it was decided it didn't make much sense for the other ghosts to just stand there while only a few at time attacked like in an old Kung Fu movie. Sony didn't want to pay the cost of the entire fight. They settled on a fog, from which ghosts energize out of, to obscure the other background extras. Instead of AC/DC's "Shoot to Thrill," the music was replaced by a score made by Teddy Shapiro.[48][49]
  • After the scene when Holtzmann battles some of the Times Square ghosts, near the 1:47:08 mark, her pack monitor reads "1984," a nod to the first movie.
  • In the "Full Version of the Times Square Fight" featurette
    • The Proton Grenade Launcher was originally going to overload after it was used then Holtzmann threw it towards the 1966 Rambler and the ghosts near it, where it exploded.
    • One of the ghosts used his axe to sever one of the Proton Pistols from Holtzmann's Proton Pack.
  • There is a scene that involved Patty going into a haunted FAO Schwarz toy store and fighting a giant Barbie doll but it wasn't filmed due to budget constraints.[50]
  • On page 8 of Ghostbusters 101 #4, Holtzmann alludes to the Times Square battle seen in the 2016 movie. [51]


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  35. fxguide "Who you gonna call? Call Illoura, MPC, SPI, & Zero VFX" 8/10/16 Line reads: "All the live action was all shot on greenscreen. As filmed, there were many more ghosts planned for the fight (see below) and thus there were many more actors in the background of each shot (all with LED tracking markers)."
  36. fxguide "Who you gonna call? Call Illoura, MPC, SPI, & Zero VFX" 8/10/16 Line reads: "As it was decided in the edit to make the fight more personal, the SPI team had to remove all of these secondary background actors and roto the hero actresses from the background completely. This translated to everything but the actresses being digital in the final shots, even the Proton Packs"
  37. fxguide "Who you gonna call? Call Illoura, MPC, SPI, & Zero VFX" 8/10/16 Line reads: "From the environment of Times Square to the smoke and of course the ghosts, everything was replaced. Given there is so much complex volumetrics surrounding the actors, SPI employed a deep compositing pipeline, embracing the depth compositing approach more completely than they had on any previous picture. The final shot. Everything except the actresses are digital (even their Proton packs)."
  38. fxguide "Who you gonna call? Call Illoura, MPC, SPI, & Zero VFX" 8/10/16 Line reads: "The scenes were filmed twice, once with stunt women standing in for our heroes battling stuntmen on wire rigs and then filming was repeated again a couple of days later with the hero actresses. To make things even more complex, even then the portable 'positron colliders' or proton packs were just stand in prop packs on the day for safety reasons. All the proton packs were tracked to the actresses and added later in post."
  39. Mashable "On the set of 'Ghostbusters': Secret villains, cameos and one super scary spirit" 4/28/16 Line reads: "Of course, filming the scene requires each actress to do the same thing, over and over. Jones is repeatedly thrown against a van. McKinnon falls. McCarthy dangles upside down. Time after time, Jones gets to whip out her character's signature tool, a chipper, and say a catchphrase: "It's chipping time!" One thing becomes obvious pretty quickly -- it's not easy being a Ghostbuster."
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  41. Yahoo! Movies "How 'Ghostbusters' Re-Created a Bizarro Times Square" 7/20/16 Line reads: "Sage says that pulling together the digital effects ran straight through from when filming wrapped at the end of September 2015 into June 2016, with the film hitting theaters in mid-July."
  42. fxguide "Who you gonna call? Call Illoura, MPC, SPI, & Zero VFX" 8/10/16 Line reads: "The sequence with the Ghostbusters fighting one on one started out differently and much shorter. The origin of the Times Square fight sequence started with the stunt co-ordinator Walter Garcia. The veteran stuntman took it upon himself to produce a stunt viz sequence with the stunt women who would end up being the actual stunt doubles for the lead actresses. Garcia is extremely experienced having done complex fight choreography on X-men Apocalypse, Ant-Man, and most significantly with Ghostbuster’s director Paul Feig's film Spy. Working independently, Garcia produced an entire choreographed fight sequence complete with fairly impressive effects done in Adobe After Effects. An impressed Feig showed the stunt viz to visual effects supervisor Pete Travers who agreed, asking "wow, but where does this go in the movie?" The sequence at that stage was not in the script at all."
  43. fxguide "Who you gonna call? Call Illoura, MPC, SPI, & Zero VFX" 8/10/16 Line reads: "Fieg ended up replacing a much smaller fight that had been scripted with some prohibition-era ghosts with the new much more dynamic hand to hand combat scene."
  44. fxguide "Who you gonna call? Call Illoura, MPC, SPI, & Zero VFX" 8/10/16 Line reads: "In the new version of the script, the girls fight a complete array of ghosts from many different eras. It was "basically anyone who died in New York in the last few hundred years," explained Daniel Kramer who headed the team at Sony Pictures Imageworks (SPI) that completed the fight."
  45. Comic Book "Ghostbusters VFX Breakdown & Times Square Ghosts Concept Art" 8/27/16 Line reads: "As for the concept art, which was illustrated by Kyle Brown, it features designs for a couple of the Times Square Ghosts. Brown wrote, "The idea was that Ghosts from all of New York's history populate Time Square for the final act." The first ghost was inspired by Bowery Boys leader, William Poole (a.k.a. Bill the Butcher); however, you probably identify him as Daniel Day-Lewis's William "Bill the Butcher" Cutting, the character that was based on Poole in Martin Scorsese's 2002 film Gangs of New York. As for the second ghost, it is of a New York flasher exposing himself. Brown tried several variations, but director Paul Feig went with a less risqué version. Brown shared, "The Flasher does show up for a split second, sans some more questionable features."."
  46. Paul Feig (2016). Ghostbusters (2016 Movie) Extended Edition - Writer & Director Commentary (2016) (Blu-Ray ts. 01:45:50-01:45:57). Sony Pictures. Paul Feig says: "Oh, that car that she fell on. Y'know where that car is from? That was, uh, Melissa's car from The Heat."
  47. fxguide "Who you gonna call? Call Illoura, MPC, SPI, & Zero VFX" 8/10/16 Line reads: "The Times Square sequence grew to be almost half the total number of shots that SPI completed for the film."
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  49. EMPIRE Online "Empire Podcast: Ghostbusters Spoiler Special with Paul Feig" 29:58-30:25 7/27/16 Paul Feig says: "My only regret is that we couldn't do the longer version of it. We just... the studio didn't want to pay. The cost... it was a very expensive scene to do the VFX for but the original fight was about four and a half minutes long. It was also done to AC/DC's "Shoot the Thrill" which was, that was my favorite version of the y'know it was crazy then Teddy Shapiro went in and did that amazing score for when Holtzmann's running the gauntlet with her pistols."
  50. Collider Connected "Paul Feig Talks The Office, Bridesmaids, Love Life, Freaks and Geeks, and More - Collider Connected", 36:08-36:31 5/25/2020 Paul Feig says: "That Times Square fight had a few extra beats that I wish we could have had in there with Leslie Jones, uh, that was just really funny. I had a really fun sequence. I was sad we had to lose it, we didn't get to shoot it, where Leslie Jones goes into a haunted FAO Schwarz and has to fight this giant Barbie Doll and it was just so funny. And we couldn't--we couldn't afford it."
  51. Jillian Holtzmann (2017). IDW Comics- "Ghostbusters 101 #4" (2017) (Comic p.12). Jillian Holtzmann says: "I haven't had this many of you on my plate at once for awhile."


Images were grabbed from the Extended Cut on Blu-ray by Paul Rudoff. For consistency, all images have been framed at 2.39:1, as the majority of the movie is. Black bars have been removed, even where the movie image leaks out of the frame or has IMAX 1.78:1 framing.

Special Framing

While the majority of the movie is framed at 2.39:1, with black bars at the top and the bottom of the screen to put it in a 16:9 aspect ratio, a few shots have special effects that leak out of the movie image and extended over the black bars. This gallery subsection shows some of these shots uncropped.

Behind the Scenes

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