Ghostbusters (2016 Movie) Deleted Scene: "A Sale on Bonsai" was an extended/alternate scene.





(The scene opens with Erin looking up the intersection and discovering it is The Mercado Hotel) Abby refused to hold. She was put on hold. (Patty talks about the history of the Mercado) Patty read off the online reviews like a half star from someone who felt strange. She saw another about a man she brought to her room was gone in the morning. Patty felt bad for her, realizing it was a booty call. Abby tried to tell the person she didn't want to buy flowers and wondered if there was a code word then replied she didn't care about the sale on bonsai. She realized she was back on hold and held her phone out in the air. (Holtzmann misinterprets Mercado as a simple haunting) Abby thought it was a regular flower shop and swore to kill Agent Hawkins and Agent Rorke. (Patty recognizes Rowan in a photo) Erin remarked "Bingo." Abby stated they were off to the Mercado immediato. The others looked at her. Abby admitted she she thought it was going to sound cooler.




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