Ghostbusters (2016 Movie) Deleted Scene: "Car Trouble" was an extended/alternate scene.





(The scene opens with Hawkins giving the Ghostbusters a card in front of Zhu's) Agent Hawkins informed them long distance charges might apply. (Hawkins implored them to let them handle the situation) Rorke repeatedly pulled the handle while Hawkins unlocked the door. Things became heated. Hawkins told Rorke to look at him and wait. Rorke yelled he wasn't hitting anything. Hawkins stressed he had to let go. Rorke let go. Hawkins couldn't believe he couldn't open a door. Rorke held his hands in the air. Hawkins told him to stay with him. Rorke had no idea what the point of "1, 2, and 3" was. Hawkins told him to go on the "and." (Rorke gets into the SUV and they leave) Hawkins braked at the intersection. Rorke ducked back in and told Hawkins to tell him when he was braking.



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