Ghostbusters (2016 Movie) Deleted Scene: "Erin Gets Fired" was an extended/alternate scene.






(The scene opens with Dean Filmore presenting the clip of Erin proclaiming "Ghosts are real!") Erin suggested using air quotes. Filmore refused to toggle his fingers in the air like a lunatic and preferred to leave that to the idiots at Princeton University. Erin realized he wasn't down with Princeton. She still pretended that wasn't her in the video and stated she wasn't involved. (Filmore explains what tenure means to Columbia) Filmore added tenure decisions affected grants and standing in collegiate rankings. Erin tried to fool him into thinking it was all a prank. Filmore told her to stop pretending. (He explains it was not what Columbia represents) Erin tried to assure him she was all about real science, too, and that was why she worked at Columbia. It was her life and she conducted it as a test. She told him he passed the test and held out her hand to shake his. He felt uncomfortable. Erin asked if she could have one of the orange chocolates and popped one in her mouth. She wasn't sure if she should bite it first. It finally dawned on Erin she was fired. Filmore asked her to leave his office. After she left, Filmore tried a chocolate and made a face. (Cuts to Erin's walk of shame down the hall) Erin asserted the cats in the wall had each other at least. (Erin sees Margaret and Phil ignored Erin, staring at a poster)


  • Dean Filmore's disdain for Princeton University in Chapter 01 continues into this scene.


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