Ghostbusters (2016 Movie) Deleted Scene: "Erin Walks to Class" was an extended/alternate scene.




Erin was in a cheerful mood as she walked through campus and greeted people including Cynthia, Doctor Simmons, a couple of students, Doctor Williams, Doctor Phillips. Cynthia stopped talking to a student and stared at Erin in confusion. Erin finally told her she was "Erin" but still got no response. She kept walking and saw Dr. Simmons with a blonde woman. She greeted him and congratulated him on an article. She wanted to talk about it but Simmons kept walking in the opposite direction clutching the right arm of the woman he was with. Erin jokingly told two female students they better not be sharing answers. She greeted Dr. Williams but he kept walking in the opposite direction never speaking. Erin greeted Dr. Phillips as he exited the Alumni Hall but he looked at the sidewalk and kept going. She then got stopped at the front door because she pushed instead of pulled. To no one really, Erin admitted she always did that and would remember one of these days.



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