Ghostbusters (2016 Movie) Deleted Scene: "Mrs. Potter" was an extended/alternate scene.





(The scene opens with Rowan in the halls of the Mercado Hotel) Mrs. Potter calls out to Rowan as "Maintenance Man." Rowan thanked her for referring to him by his preferred title. (Potter asks about the Ectoplasm dripping down her doorway) Rowan promised to fix it immediately. Potter was not happy some got on her and reiterated she napped between 4 and 7. Rowan reassured her the entire staff knew. (Potter has her examine her back) Potter was confused how a maintenance man had cream. Rowan assured her maintenance men had creams. He apologized for their conversation ending on a sour note and told her he was always fond of her. Potter felt the same way about him. Rowan left. Potter shuddered at the sight of the Ectoplasm.

(Rowan returned to the basement and lectured the ghosts in the mirrors) One of ghost slammed against the glass and made Rowan flinch. He called him immature. He joked they would be the death of him. (Rowan asks about Earl) Rowan knew it wasn't Earl's idea and asked them how old they were after no one took responsibility. Rowan noted some of them were thousands of years old. He asked them if they were an undead army or a bunch of babies. They banged again. Rowan admitted it was a little heated and left them to think about things. He told them he would see them tonight and to stay out of the guests.


  • Mrs. Potter always naps from 4 to 7 pm.[1]


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