Ghostbusters (2016 Movie) Deleted Scene: "Past Lives" was an extended/alternate scene.






Abby tried opening the door to the Aldridge Mansion Museum's basement but it was locked up. She decided they would deal with that later. The camcorder screen's clock was at 1:59. Abby asked Erin to try being useful for once and suggested she go look for a sledgehammer. Erin sarcastically replies she was sure one was lying around. Holtzmann zoomed in on Erin and asked her if she was afraid to go to a party and have fun in life. Erin placed her hand over the lens and asked her to stop. Holtzmann backed up, turned, and went into the drawing room where Abby was. Erin walked into the library. Erin looked up and was startled by Gertrude Aldridge's painting. She remarked she would be upset, too, if she had to wear that dress. She didn't think stripes and roses went together. There was a low rumble and creak. Erin looked around then walked up to the basement door but resisted touching it.

Abby scanned the drawing room. Holtzmann spooked Erin from behind with a "Boo!" then remarked it was a fantastic book. Abby agreed and asserted that was why people were interested in talking about it on television. Erin clarified it was on a college channel at the University of Michigan. Abby stated "The Wolverine Scene" was a great show, they were excited to talk about the book, and Erin didn't even show up. Erin stammered she was tired of being called "crazy." Holtzmann asked Abby if she was okay. Abby thanked her and told he was fine. Holtzmann followed up and asked if she needed any help? Abby declined. Holtzmann suggested having a chip. Erin weakly said eating wasn't allowed. Abby excused herself to the parlor because there was too much negative energy around her. Holtzmann told Erin it was okay. She was upset because Erin made her upset. Holtzmann twirled around and left the room, chomping on her chip.



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