Ghostbusters (2016 Movie) Deleted Scene: "Rowan's Manifesto" was an extended/alternate scene.




Rowan recorded himself in a short video. He introduced himself by his full name, Rowan North. He welcomed the viewer to his laboratory and sleeping quarters (the Mercado Hotel basement). He noted he was making a video message since people couldn't be bothered reading 500 page manifestos anymore so it was going to be brief and to the point. Rowan claimed the world was collapsing, people were not what they once were, and he decided to punish the world by unleashing the armies of the undead back into the living world. He confirmed he meant ghosts and they were frothing at the mouth for blood of humans, including whomever was watching. He closed by thanking the viewer for watching and calmly ended with "see you in hell."


  • This scene appears to be footage to be shown on a TV or computer screen. Aspect ratio is 4:3.
  • The video is accessible by going to the Gag Reel in the special features menu, highlight Gag Reel 2, and push up. An icon of Slimer pops up above Gag Reel 2 and the video plays.
  • Rowan reveals his last name is North.[1] It is not revealed in the movie itself, aside from the end credits.


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