Ghostbusters (2016 Movie) Deleted Scene: "Secret Handshake" was an extended/alternate scene.





(The scene opens with Holtzmann and Abby showing off the Mark I Proton Pack and Trap) Holtzmann and Abby performed their secret handshake. Erin looked down. Kevin thought it was cool and asked Erin if she wanted to do a secret handshake, too. It started off as a patty cake but Erin turned it into flirting again. Patty shook her head. Abby found it uncomfortable. Holtzmann asked Abby if that's how their love making would be. Abby refused to see that image in her head. Erin started rubbing his shoulders and chest. Kevin remarked that wasn't a handshake. He looked to the others for help. Abby asked them if they both had boyfriends. Erin stated she broke up with her boyfriend and Kevin wasn't sure at all. Erin told him he didn't. Kevin left to answer the phone. Erin pointed out it wasn't ringing. Patty caught on she liked him. Abby was positive how sweaty her hands were. Erin denied it but there was paper stuck to her palm. Holtzmann excused herself to fit Patty for a Proton Pack. Patty asked if it was safe. Holtzmann clarified nothing in the lab was safe. Erin admitted to Abby that Holtzmann was a smart one then apologized about the book incident. Abby told her it was all right then realized she was thinking about Kevin. Erin nodded. Abby asked her not to rub him. Erin wanted to get the handshake down with him.



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