Ghostbusters (2016 Movie) Deleted Scene: "So Glad You Came Back" was an extended/alternate scene.





Patty was glad they never had to deal with the Clown Ghost. It lunged for Patty. Patty screamed it was worse close up. It was pulled into the Portal. (They notice Rowan was resisting) Abby decided to trick Rowan into chasing her. She got the winch from the grill of an overturned fire truck and tied it around her waist. Erin asked how she was getting back. Abby thought the winch was pretty long. Erin thought it was insane. Abby believed she had to try. Erin pleaded with her. Abby reminded her she waited her whole life for a chance to see the other side. Abby assured her she was coming back. She just had to pull the rope. Erin tried to talk but couldn't. Abby told her it was okay and she was just glad she came back. They had a moment. Abby ran off. Patty, Holtzmann, and Erin fired on the Portal to keep it open. Abby taunted Rowan then shot him in the crotch. Rowan chased after Abby. The winch's rope got caught on a piece of a light fixture. Abby took the rope off her waist then jumped into the Portal. Rowan jumped in after her. (The Portal starts closing, Erin ties herself and jumps in) Patty yelled at Holtzmann to say something to stop Erin. Holtzmann was at a loss for words. (skips to day being restored in the city)


  • In the actual movie, the Ghostbusters fired at Rowan's crotch together instead of just Abby.



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