Ghostbusters (2016 Movie) Deleted Scene: "Soups & Salad" was an extended/alternate scene.





(The scene opens with Rowan revealing he's not the only one out for revenge) Rowan added it would be an apocalypse caused by pestering. Holtzmann thanked him for clarifying. Erin specified pestering was supposed to be used to describe a minor annoyance. Holtzmann made a shot in the dark guess he was rejected by a woman. Rowan admitted to having dalliances of the heart. He promised Poughkeepsie Junior High School Class of 1996 Mostly Likely to Succeed Megan Dundry would be the first to perish. Patty remarked men were the worst. (Rowan was ready to end things) Abby called him Ronald by mistake and made a point people could be terrible. She pointed at Erin. Erin played along and told him they had things to work out. Rowan believed she would disappoint her again. Abby thought there were so many things worth living for. Rowan wasn't convinced. Abby thought of soup and Patty suggested stews. Abby thought of chili. They debated if it was a potsticker or not. Macaroni, goulash, and bisque came up Rowan thought bisque was more of a soup than stew. Erin remembered mussels. Rowan stated he hated all soups. (Patty brings up salad) Holtzmann brought up the classic combo. Patty added bacon bits. Rowan hated salad more than soup. (Rowan tried to start the machine, he kills himself) Holtzmann pretended to shock herself on the Barrier Breaking Machine. (Abby calls out to police) Holtzmann admired the quality works and pointed out the silver on the knobettes. Patty hated the smell and likened it to barbecued dog hair.


  • Rowan had a failed dalliance with Megan Dundry during his middle school years at Poughkeepsie Junior High School. They were in the Class of 1996.[1]
  • Rowan hates salad more than he hates soup.[2]
  • Patty's last line is a nod to Ray Stantz's "Barbecued dog hair" line in Chapter 28 before they start breaking Dana Barrett out of the Terror Dog husk.


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