Ghostbusters (2016 Movie) Deleted Scene: "The Big Test" was an extended/alternate scene.





Holtzmann welcomed everyone back to the alleyway. She acknowledged the last test was alarming. Bennie happened to park outside near the back entrance. Holtzmann revealed she made "dynamite" adjustments to the Proton Pack Mark I. Bennie mocked the field test as one of their "little science experiments." Abby noticed he made a delivery and retorted the customers must have made their order last week. Bennie called them adorable and found it inspiring they were still trying at their age. He walked inside. Abby aimed and blasted his scooter. It flipped and landed upside down in the same spot it was parked in. Erin exclaimed, "Yeah, what's up now bitch!" Everyone was startled. Erin claimed she didn't know what just happened to her.


  • Holtzmann alludes to the field test seen in Chapter 07 of the movie.
  • In the actual movie, Abby inadvertently blows up Bennie's scooter in similar fashion but with the Proton Glove instead in Chapter 11.



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